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Startup Guide For Beginners - 12 Most Important Lessons

• If you want to start your own business, this Startup Checklist is for you. This book contains all the steps you need to take from creating a good idea, to validate it, to creating a business plan. • This book is also for anyone who has a business idea that needs to be validated, in order to turn it into a profitable venture. • This book is for anyone who's interested in the future of entrepreneurship and wants to learn how to effectively run their own business. • The information in the book can be applied to businesses in any industry!


The startup guide for beginners is the ultimate guide for people who are thinking about starting their own business in the near future. You will learn how to identify a good idea and assess your idea, identify the target market, competitive advantage, understand the industry, legal structure for your startup, and intellectual property rights among other important factors. You will also learn about how to write a business plan, how to recognise key indicators for a startup's performance, how to manage working capital and how to break even.

This book has been written and designed considering the problems and confusion newcomers, who aspire to start their own business/ startup, face. It has 12 chapters each discussing different aspects of the business. We have tried to explain each aspect
possible in an easy and crisp way.

We hope after reading this e-book you will have a basic understanding of how big startups are formed.

Wish you a stroke of good luck in your future endeavours.

13 reviews for Startup Guide For Beginners – 12 Most Important Lessons

  1. Avatar

    Abhishek pandey

    Setting a startup and running it is not an easy job. If you read this book thoroughly, and after finishing it, if your reason and answer to go for a startup is positive, then go ahead.

  2. Avatar

    Anshul kurmi

    A read for aspiring entrepreneurs who believe in taking the plunge with an apt insight.

  3. Avatar


    It’s not just a book but a Map to the unknown destination!

  4. Avatar

    Kabir Thapar

    Good book to know about startup & ideas with existing & developing companies along with examples .

  5. Avatar

    Shaili jain

    Before entering the startup world, one should read this book.

  6. Avatar

    Ritika sharma

    Book is highly recommended for future entrepreneurs!!

  7. Avatar

    Aniket Shrivastava

    Across 12 key chapters, each allocated to one critical topic on the journey to kickstarting an idea/product, the author has provided both a roadmap and a checklist that every entrepreneur in whatever stage of the journey they are in, can benefit from.

  8. Avatar

    Rohit Reddy

    The budding entrepreneurs shall read this book before they are entering into the journey of entrepreneurship.

  9. Avatar

    Nisha kumari

    A must read for wannable entrepreneur, best book to teach you, how to start the startup, and what things you will face after starting and how to grow your startup.

  10. Avatar

    Lalith Kumar

    The e-book will take you through the journey of Start-up and will prepare you with all the necessary if & buts before starting your own venture.

  11. Avatar

    Krishna Awate

    You get a feeling like a mentor or a teacher is sitting next to us and guiding you to prepare for the journey.

  12. Avatar



  13. Avatar

    Jatin Sharma

    This is a good book to read for anyone with a startup dream – whether in college or in job.

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