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How To Get Rid Of Mental Blocks And Be More Productive

In general, these days talking about block means, in any case, it could be somewhat which is bounding the mental block, success block, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions, and so on.

Well, I will say that’s for sure rather it could also be something which creates an extreme obstacle in the way of progressive development, in moving forward and restraining your whole mindset which certainly holds you to a place and not letting you affirming the natural flow ahead.

Like a waterway that needs to stream, however, a tree or rock is obstructing the normal way of the stream.

Like you desire to travel solo the entire world yet the absence of cash hinders you in that spot from doing as such.

Although blocks could be appearing in any of such sphere (mental, success, musings, individual lives, thoughts, ideas, convictions, and so forth.). One thing is so damn obvious once you sustain those unwanted notions that come up in your psyches or the unwell habits, or the deceptions you will prompt inviting the blocks indeed.

For now, let’s just focus on the “Mental Block”. What it is? What are the common types & how might we beat them?

It is something like a situation that abruptly pops up which you are thoroughly not able to grasp or recall something. All the unwanted and tormented memories or musings inevitably pop up and left us in an extreme nightmare-like situation. It is like that not so wanted guests who suddenly come up into our home.
Look I caught you! (Relatable right)

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Well, indeed it is something many of us can relate. It appears as though it is each second individual’s story these days. Why not kill the mental blocks and figure out how to get rid of this. For figuring out the ways we first need to understand some of its common varieties.

Here, let’s discuss some most common mental blocks that certainly exist.

 1. Procrastination

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again. Procrastination is the thief of time”

Let me tell you it exists almost everywhere and it’s real and not less than a nightmare. As many of us regardless of how diligently we attempt to make a routine to follow up however end up vanishing it like hellfire. For instance, we scheduled doing yoga every early morning at 5:00 a.m. but meanwhile, we end up making it like just some more time of sleep afterward I’ll begin.

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2. Self-Suspicion

“Ban, Delete, Shred, Obliterate the words: “I’m not good enough.”

The worst awful foe to creativity is “Self-Doubt”. It simply makes you sick in your head. You never feel sufficient regardless of how well you accomplish and try sincerely in anything or even appreciated by anyone. You always end up suspecting on you that it is not up to the mark, it is of less value. Even if the argument which is in your head is of no use, you keep it making enormous by doubting all over again.

3. Comparison

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Comparison is the thief of “Joy”. It absolutely relinquished your happiness when you start comparing your lives with other people’s lives and feeling pity for yourself that why not my life is like this. For instance, you see a random person or even your familiar person’s social media handle which is full of happening stuffs and you begin comparing right there and snatching your own happiness.

The obstacle is inevitable but suffering is optional!

You must get it right? Prior I talked about some basic Mental blocks rather it has plenty of types. Now I would further want to talk about how to get rid of it.
How about we talk about the core aspects which indeed helps in overcoming the blocks for sure.

1. Self-Improvement

Seek discomfort and strive for progress, not perfection. I would say self-improvement is the master art of growth in all aspects when you invest your time in knowing the genuine you, your real power and consistently contrast yourself with the previous version of you then you begin getting the true wisdom and it will lead you to the better version of fearless you to boost your self-confidence.

2. Personality Development

Like each cloud has its silver lining. Each personality has gifted something beautiful in itself which makes them one of a kind. You should not waste comparing yourself with anyone in this world rather your focus should be on personal development anyhow as each one has the ability to do something out of the box. Personality is something that catches everybody’s attention so make sure to create an aura and make it commendable.

3. Know Your Worth

Hey trust me, no one in this world can make you feel worthless when you know your worth. Values, Ideas, Musings, Beliefs, thoughts are crucial parts of us.

I think frosting on the cake glazes when you keenly begin to know about all these gems in yourself and then you understand your core values which help in knowing the genuine worth of you which drives you in the right direction to positively overcoming all the whys(why I am overthinking, why I am not good enough, why I am feeling low, and so on) that must have slowed you down and blocked your ways and it will make you the think empathetically and gives you the courage to do something out of the box.

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Ayushi Sinha
Ayushi Sinha
Ayushi is free-spirited, a learner, listener, observer, nature, and wildlife enthusiast. She has experience working as a Research Analyst and Content Writer. She loves singing, creative writing, reading, arts, cooking, and exploring places. She believes hard work through smart ways is more important than talent as you can't master your talent unless and until you work on it. She is adaptable, way determined, and positive towards her work.

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