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15 Workouts To Help You In Weight Loss     

Trying to lose weight can be quite stressful and demanding, especially with the pandemic limiting you to four walls for most parts of the day. We have come up with the 15 best workouts to help you with weight loss. You can do all these workouts at your home.

1. Burn Calories With Burpees

There’s a reason burpees rank first on this list, they focus on the legs, torso, and central muscles simultaneously. What’s more; burpees help you lose weight as well as build muscle.

How To Do Burpees

Spread your legs slightly with your knees bent and thrust your hips back. Squat down and place your hands forward touching the floor and weigh down

After this, stretch your body as you leap, keeping your hands planted on the ground. Now, place your feet outward past your hands and leap once more but this time with your hands raised.

Start over again once you’ve done this. Confusing as it may sound; you’ll get the hang of it.

Remember to do ten reps within thirty seconds, rest for 30 seconds and do it again. Repeat all this for five minutes

2. Planks

Planks focus on the lower and upper regions of your frame simultaneously. They’re easy to do and help you burn more fats in comparison to other forms of workouts.

Planks are a great fit especially for beginners and people who would rather workout at home than at the gym. All you need are the right mat and the right shoes.

How To Do Planks

Planking is quite similar to doing burpees except it’s much easier and involves no jumping.

You simply spread your legs slightly with your knees bent and thrust your hips back. Squat down and place your hands forward touching the floor and weigh down. Hold this position for 30 seconds if it’s your first time. You can up the number as you improve gradually.

3. Squats
Squats-Workout For Weight Loss

Squats are a way to burn of calories by utilizing your body like a weight tool. They focus on the abdomen and legs whilst providing your metabolism with a boost.

Doing squats for the first time may prove quite challenging as you will feel sore after the workout.

How To Do Squats

When doing squats at home, twist your hips the way you do when perched on a chair. Keep your feet planted on the ground. The space between them must be at equidistance to your pelvis. Put weight on your heels and bend your knees as you lift your arms simultaneously. Repeat this.

When doing squats at the gym, the process is the same but you have the option of holding a free weight, which will give you a better sense of balance as well as get you all pumped up for the other exercises.

Do this with some weight if you want to take it up a notch. Keep in mind to keep your back straight and your knees and toes aligned.

4. Skipping With Rope

Imagine a way to lose weight that’s fun, easy to do, and has a nostalgia factor to it; that’s skipping. Once dubbed, ‘the ultimate fat burner among all such exercises’, skipping focuses on your abdomen and thighs as well as helps strengthen core muscles.

How To Skip

When skipping at home, ensure that the ideal floor is available along with the right shoes. Make sure you stay straightened during skipping, along with your knees since you are hopping with both legs simultaneously. Since you sweat an awful lot during this, it serves as good as cardio. For those with joint issues, however, skipping may prove to be problematic, so wear wrist, knee, and ankle protection.

When skipping at the gym, utilize the specialized jump-ropes if there’s any available. Pick an area where there’s sufficient space available and stick to an exercise pace with high intensity in order to burn more fats and lose weight.

5. Crunch Time

Crunches utilize the body weight to lose fats and calories as it focuses on the core, the muscles in the abdomen and strengthen the diaphragm.

Crunches rank second to running among the best workouts and it is quite mobile.

How To Do Crunches

When doing crunches at home, find a uniform area and put your arms at the back of your head as you lie down. Now lift your upper body up and lie back down and then; repeat.

When doing crunches at the gym, the process is pretty much the same; however, you have the option of using weights to burn extra calories.

6. Running

Running is the workout that fits all demographics regardless of age or health condition. The shoulders, arms, and feet benefit from running.

How To Run

When running at home, you could either run around your yard or the neighborhood or a hill.

When running at the gym, use the treadmill or the inner court if the gym has one.

Remember to push yourself.

7. Running With Intervals

If you are tired of running, interval running is a great alternative to it. Interval running is one of the workouts that helps you lose weight and burn calories at a rapid pace.

Switching between strolling and running can help in strengthening the legs and feet. It doesn’t consume much time and is intense enough to enhance well-being completely.

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8. Pushups


Pushups can enhance your chest along with your central muscles whilst strengthening your shoulders simultaneously.

Simple pushups have their fair share of benefits to provide, however, if you want to get the most out of pushups, you can change it up and do different kinds of pushups such as; adding knee kicks. This is an advanced way to melt more fats, burn more calories, gaining weight and muscles.

Pushups are known to aid in buffing up the arms as well as removing layers of adipose. Modify the classic pushup pose bringing one knee to your chest and resume with the pushup in that manner over and over again. It may be hard at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

The workout is for a few minutes in a day, yet the results start appearing within a week of the start of the workout.

How To Do Pushups

When doing pushups at home, all that’s required are an anti-slip floor and ideal shoes. Make contact with the ground using your hands as far as your upper body is concerned and with the tip of your toes as far as your lower body is concerned. Now ascend then descend to let the workout work its magic.

When doing pushups at the gym, the process is pretty much the same; other than the fact you have the option of adding free weights.

9. Mountain Climber

This workout can be performed with or without the aid of equipment. If you prefer doing it with equipment, use a resistant band.

How To Do The Mountain Climber

Secure the middle portion of the resistant band to a sturdy object; be it a pillar or a piece of furniture. Fasten the ends of the band to the feet. Stretch the band and stretch your frame the way you would if you were doing pushups. Now, move your legs at a fast pace in an alternative manner the way you would ascend a steep hill.

Bring each knee close to your chest supported by your arms. Keep the toe of the bent leg in the air mid-movement to make the exercise more effective.  Allow just the stretched leg and your hands to come in contact with the floor. Do this for two minutes with a 20-second break in between them to burn some needless calories.

10. Rotating T Extensions

This workout is more geared towards regular exercisers. It focuses on your abdomen, arms, buttocks, and legs and also activates a number of muscle groups.

How To Do Rotating T Extensions

Get into the normal pushup position with stretched arms and shift your entire frame sideways (to the left or right). Lift the opposite arm up and hold that pose for a couple of seconds. Then, alternate sides for repeating and take a rest after every minute of doing the workout.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can do a push-up before switching sides.

11. Pullups

Pullups aid you in losing weight, burning calories as well as enhancing your arms and leg muscles at the same time. They require a lot of strength in the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

How To Do Pullups

When doing pull-ups at home, Find a sturdy object which hangs on the wall and position your arms on it. Now, lift your body up above your arms. Do this a number of times

When doing pullups at the gym, make use of the modern pull-up equipment available. Fine-tune the height to the level you prefer and grip the firm parts in order to lift up your body.

Pull-ups aid you in burning calories than sprinting.

12. Deadlifts

Imagine a workout where you get some cardio done while standing still, which helps you lose weight; that’s what deadlifts basically are.

Deadlift training can be done with a few minutes and aids you in enhancing your lower body’s muscle strength, health, and fitness level simultaneously.

How To Deadlift

Deadlifts can be done at home simply with the utilization of free weights and a bar. Keep in mind to follow instructions and wear the shoes.

When doing deadlifts at the gym, there are particular kinds of bars available which you can utilize along with You can also choose an assortment of decks.

13. Bench-dips

The ideal bench that can hold your weight is all you need to do bench-dips, which are great for burning calories.

How To Do Bench-Dips

When doing bench-dips at home, you can stand against a sturdy sofa or chair. Make sure you do it in an empty space.

When doing bench-dips at the gym, simply make use of the sturdy benches available.

14. CrossFit

Crossfit - Workout for weight loss

CrossFit is well-known for its utility in burning calories and weight loss. It is a combination of weightlifting and sprinting.

CrossFit requires combining weightlifting with running and strolling simultaneously. Several minutes of this workout per day and results can be seen by the first week.

How To Do CrossFit

When doing CrossFit at home, all you need are some music and free weights with adequate space. Make sure to maintain a pace.

When doing CrossFit at the gym, utilize equipment that uses levers, cords, and pulleys if there’s any available in order to enhance muscle groups in your lower and upper body. You can seek assistance from an instructor if you’re not so sure how to do it.

15. Aerobics

It’s no secret that aerobics help you lose weight and burn calories. This combination of sprinting, strolling, and leaping takes only a few minutes and helps build muscle strength in the legs as well as provides you with more vigor.

When doing aerobics at home, remember to put on good footwear and the right music. You can use a video for reference.

When doing aerobics at the gym, you can seek aid from an instructor.

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