Stress, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, and panic – five problems one solution (No, it’s not Loreal total repair 5 repairing shampoo lol) – MEDITATION. A practice that values your mental health and gives you the strength to be positive all the time.

In this guide to meditation article, we will understand Meditation, its importance and benefits, and the right way to do it.

So, let’s dive in.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a daily act of calmly paying attention to a particular object for a while to reach the stage of awareness, peace, and focus. It is a mental exercise that is beneficial for both body and mind.

Meditation has been practiced for a thousand years in many religious traditions and has become quite popular in recent years.

Why Is Meditation Important?

“Understand the suffering of worldly existence.
Abandon its causes of ignorance and selfishness.
Practice the path of Meditation and compassion.
Awaken from suffering within Great Peace.”
– Gautama Buddha.

Whether it’s the pressure of study or job or relationships, each of us is dealing with some sort of stress every day. Many of us have no time to relax or sleep, and those who have are ruining their peaceful nights with tension for the future. In this busiest and stressful world, we should be aware of the importance of Meditation to survive.

No matter how hectic your schedule is, 5 minutes (for the beginners) of early morning meditation will make your whole day effortless and productive. It refines your sense of perspective, makes you a focused person, lessens your stress, calms your mind and body, and offers you a healthy sleep.

In short, Meditation is the key to a positive mind and your day to day happiness.

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What Are The Benefits Of Meditation

If I start mentioning all the benefits of Meditation, then it will definitely take a complete another article. The benefits of this practice are limitless, and there’s no disadvantage to it.

Let’s discuss some of the most beneficial results one can achieve by doing Meditation:

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Manage depression
  3. Improve memory and self-awareness
  4. Encourage creativity
  5. Better concentration power
  6. Provide inner peace
  7. Fight addictions
  8. Helpful in decision making
  9. Make emotionally strong
  10. Useful to deal with stressful situations
  11. Keep you cheerful all day long

These are the proven benefits and are experienced by many people. When you look around, you’ll find almost all the happy and successful people in the world add Meditation in their daily routine.

For example-

The famous American TV personality Oprah Winfrey had started practicing Meditation every day with the entire company at the beginning and end of the workday.

In an interview, Oprah stated, “That way of being ‘still’ with ourselves—coming back to the center and recognizing that something is more important than you—it’s more important than the work you are doing, brings a kind of energy, an intention that we have never had before”. ”

She also said that the results were incredible. Her co-workers no longer had migraines, slept better, and developed happier relationships with their friends and family.

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How to Meditate?

Meditation is so simple yet challenging mental exercise and can be done anytime. Let’s understand how to do it –

  1. Find a calm spot –
    To start Meditation, you need a silent and peaceful place so that nothing can interrupt you.
  2. Fixed a time limit –
    Choose time according to your capability. Beginners can start it by doing 5 minutes a day.
  3. Sit Comfortably –
    You can sit on the cushion or the chair even on the floor, according to your ease but sit in the relaxed upright position. Also, keep in mind that your back is not supported by anything.
  4. Focus on your breath –
    In this step, you have to focus on your breath as it goes in and out. Breath gently and just brings your awareness to it.
  5. Let your mind wandered –
    Getting distracted while performing Meditation is normal, so don’t panic, practice will teach you to manage your focus. Greet the thought of your distraction, say goodbye to it in a few minutes and simply get back to your focus object.

That’s how the whole process of Meditation works – Focus, distracted by thought, acknowledge it, and come back to your focus. Although, you can meditate anytime in a day doing it in the morning just after you wake up will keep you positive the whole day. Also, try to perform it lightly and at the same time.

Meditation is not just for relaxing and stress-free life, but it is a secret of successful people.