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9 Tips To Improve Your Body Language

Whether in a corporate world or ordinary life, you need good communication skills to influence others. Talking about something is just the tip of the communication iceberg, but you know people not only listen to what you say, but they also notice how you interact.

When you communicate, your body language, such as expressions, personal conduct, and mannerism, must accompany your speech to make the conversations engaging. Studies say improving your body language can enhance your communication by up to 93%. If you want to improve your body language, these proven tips are handy.

1. Smiling Face Adds More Value To Your Personality

Have you ever reached out to strangers for help? Some of them politely talk to you with smiling faces, while others speak rudely with a disgusting look. In this situation, to whom you trust? Obviously one with the smiling face. People with smiling faces radiate positivity and get you attached naturally to them. Agree?

Smiling and laughing naturally is the best way to attract people with your body language. Your smile is enough to make you the center of attraction and everyone’s favorite. It is your powerful weapon to conceive even your enemy to be friends. There is nothing in the world more pleasant than to speak to a smiling person because when they radiate, they warm their listener with positivity and trust.

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2. Your Smell Matters

I remember our school days. No one in our classroom used to like sitting beside a classmate who had a smelly mouth. Everyone tried to avoid talking to him face to face. I wish if my friend had brushed his teeth before coming to school, we would not be in that trouble.

It doesn’t mean that who had a smelly mouth in our class was a bad kid. My point here is that how smell sets perceptions about your personality among your listeners.

Smelling nice improves your body language; it can trigger all kinds of different emotions in your peers and listeners. Research says smelling great can increase the brain’s oxygen by 20%- causing a change in emotions and a long-lasting effect on memory. So make sure to smell good leave a positive impact and impression on others.

3. Dressing Well Is Must

We often hear, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but it’s completely the opposite in the case of the human being. You will be judged by your appearance first, then your qualities. The way you dress is crucial for your first impression. Also, dressing well reflects your personality to your clients, colleagues, and customers.

When you present yourself to others, they make assumptions about your education level, career prospects, personality based on your outward appearance. They are likely to pay more attention to what you say if you are dressed well. Your dress can significantly help you trigger engaging conversation because clothes do communicate.

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4. Eye Contact Makes Your More Confident

You have to look directly at your conversation partner’s eye to show you are interested in talking. They will find you not interested in conversation if you are looking sideways.

To show your involvement in the conversation, maintain eye contact, and try nodding as well. It is pretty awkward and quite tricky to talk to a person who looks sideways. Also, if you cannot look at your listeners’ eyes, it shows them you are not confident about what you are talking about.

So, whenever you engage in a dialogue, make sure to make eye contact. This will create an impression that you are confident and fully involved in the conversation and really enjoying it.

5. Hands Movement Engage Listeners

Hands movement plays a big role in effective communication and how others perceive you. Studies show that when you gesture with your hands naturally while talking enhances your credibility, it also improves your thought process.

When you move your hand, you’ll start feeling more confident, thinking more clearly, and speaking fluently in a better rhythm. Your words and the right gestures of your hand movement get absorbed better by the listeners’ subconscious minds than the still hand or arms crossed.

Next time when you talk to someone, do speak with your hand.

6. Listen First Speak Later

“Listening is a fine art in surveillance.” You must have heard Sidharth Malhotra saying this dialogue if you watched the ‘Aiyaary’ movie.

Listening is indeed a fine art and an essential part of your body language. You can accurately receive and understand what your dialogue partner is trying to convey in the communication process.

To be an effective communicator, you need to be a good listener first. Without listening first, communication breaks down, and your counterpart may lose interest; the sender of the message can quickly become frustrated or irritated.

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7. Be Calm And Composed While Meeting People

People often get overexcited and jumpy when they meet someone to show how extroverted they are. You usually prefer to rush and talk over the other person. The key here is not to lose your stability and let the other person respond as well. This shows that you have control over your emotions and can listen to them attentively. Also, being slow and calm while responding to your listeners will make you look confident and self-assured.

8. Sit Properly

Sitting in a good posture makes you look confident and assertive. Always keep your posture vertically straight, head held high, and shoulders back while talking to your peers.

When you sit with your legs apart, widening your arms away from your body shows you are actively participating in the conversation. A loose posture or legs and arms crossed indicates that you are not interested and hesitant to face your dialogue partner.

Always remember if you are physically firm, you are mentally firm.

9. Greet Others With Smile And Some Energy While Meeting

Studies suggest that handshaking for 40 seconds can create a bond. While greeting someone, a good handshake with a smile on the face is an effective way to make a long-lasting and positive impression. Keep in mind that it should be firm but not crushing.

People are more likely to be open and friendly when you greet them boldly with full energy. A greeting with a low tone shows you are unsure and hesitant.

The bottom line

To make your conversion confident and engaging, you must speak with your whole body.

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