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Must Learn These Effective Communication Skills To Excel In The Business World

Exchanging information or interacting with people via different mediums is a part of our daily routine and something we have already learned in childhood. But what we haven’t learned yet is ‘effective communication skills.’

Yes, there is a thin line between communication and effective communication, and that you need to understand if you want to shine in the competitive world of business.

“Communication works for those who work at it.”- John Powell

Before jumping over the tips, let’s have a look at how effective communication skills work for a business

● Effective communication skills avoid misunderstanding and build a healthy and positive relationship with your workers and customers
● Improves your professional image
● Make you aware of the problems within the organization and help to find the  valid solutions
● Promotes the excellent working environment that automatically boosts productivity

Effective communication is an essential survival skill. Let’s know how to improve it with the following pointers:

i) Choose the right medium

No matter how strong your communication skills are, choosing a wrong or inappropriate medium will ultimately create a problem. There are numerous means available for interaction, and the very foremost step to make your communication effective is – the selection of the right medium.

Let’s clear this point a little more with an example:

Assume you come up with a campaign plan for your business and want to discuss it with your co-workers. You decided to share the plan on-call or talk to them directly (face-to-face). But do you think they will remember everything, even on the very next day? Of Course not.

In this situation, the best medium you can use is Presentation. It will help you to convey your information more efficiently and make your interaction more productive.

ii) Follow the 7 Cs of Communication

There are seven magical principles of communication you should keep in mind to make your conversation effective and to ensure that others understand your message exactly how you try to explain it.

Let’s discuss these 7 Cs:

●Clear – Be clear with the objective of your message and use simple language
●Concise – Keep your message short and to the point
●Concrete – Be particular and support your message with facts and figures
●Correct – Use right words, facts, language, and information
●Coherent – Be logical and keep your tone, style, and language consistent
●Complete – Give all the relevant information and include a call-to-action
●Courteous – Keep the receiver’s viewpoint in mind, show respect and be polite

Well, while practicing these 7 Cs, don’t forget to inject the most crucial C in your communication, i.e., Confidence.

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iii) Structure Your Communication

Nobody will take an interest in your communication if they find the first 15-20 seconds unimportant. The first few seconds of any communication is essential, and you can’t waste it by conveying useless points.

Learn to organize your message in priority order. Placed the most crucial information at the beginning, followed by the least important pieces of information (just like an inverted pyramid).

iv) Master the Art of Nonverbal Communication

You can’t make your communication valuable just with the words until you don’t balance it with the power of nonverbal communication.

According to an article in Forbes, ‘If our nonverbal communication is not aligned with our spoken words, then our message will be mixed or muddled, and it will not resonate at all. Our message will be lost in translation.’

A good gesture, postures, facial expressions, eye contact, and tone, will say a lot more than words. It improves the understanding of listeners and makes you look approachable by others.

v) Be a great listener

Why will anybody hear you if they feel unheard or unvalued?

People will reply better to excellent hearers. I always mention that to become a good communicator, you have to become a great listener first.
Pay close attention to what others say, listen to their words carefully, and try to understand it without interrupting in the middle.

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vi) Learn the Tactic of Metaphor

Metaphor is the most powerful verbal tool in business nowadays. But what is it?

As reported by Inc, metaphor is a literary device through which we describe one thing in terms of another. It’s an ancient figure of speech that Aristotle recommended some 2,000 years ago. Today every educator, entrepreneur, and business professional should include it in their verbal toolkit.

In the same article, it is shown how one great business personality Bill Gates learned this powerful tactic of metaphor from another legend Warren Buffet to make his communication effective.

If you know how to use metaphor in your communication, it will add glory to your personality, and it will work like a charm in the Business World.

Now you realize how effective communication plays an essential role in business and what tactics you have to implement to rock the universe of business.

All the best for your practice!

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