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5 Best Tips For Self Promotion. Number 4 is Must For All

I read somewhere that “No one knows you better than you do.” Well, I agree with the given statement, after all, you are the controller of your life. But why is it so difficult to answer when someone asks about yourself?

Who are You? What do you do? What are your goals? Blah!

Why do these small and simple questions take long pauses, fumbles, confusion, even doubts to answer?

Because you know about yourself, but don’t know what others want to hear about yourself.

In this chapter, we will learn the tactics of pitching yourself dynamically and impressing others in the first meet by self promotion.

i) Explore Yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

Firstly, take out some time to spend with yourself and know yourself a little more. Find a peaceful corner, take your favourite notebook, and jot down all your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and vital skills. Write everything you’re proud of, and once you have done making the list of your amazingness means you are ready with the raw materials of self-promotion. Now you can mix these materials depending on the audiences, occasions, and situations.

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ii) Learn to Deliver an Elevator Pitch

Do you know you can make an impact on anyone within 60 seconds?
All you have to do is to be prepared with a quick and compelling summary of yourself that can instantly influence people even during the shortest elevator ride.

In networking events or interviews, an elevator pitch plays the most significant role in your career. However, it is also useful while introducing yourself to the person outside of your family or friend circle.

There are three crucial steps you should follow to make your elevator pitch effective:

A) Begin with your name and a decent smile

Well, a smile can solve many problems in moments, and it works in pitching yourself too. Give the initial seconds of your intro mentioning your name with a smile. It makes your first impression positive, and others will take more interest to know you.

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B) Communicate your background

In this step, you have to give a brief yet quick summary of your experience, such as, What do you do? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your key specialties or skills?

Nobody wants to know your work or education history, so try to explain only the most relevant information. Please don’t repeat the same communication everywhere, make it specific, and modify your approach depending on your pitch.

C) Define what you would like to do

Whether in a job interview or addressing the audience, finish your pitch by explaining your purposes. Show the value you can bring for other’s company or how you can benefit others’ life and always remember to tailor it according to the situation.

For example: If you were pitching yourself to be a Graphic Designer, you might come with the finishing line like, “On your social media page, I find the work of your designers so innovative, unique, and trendy. As I am also a trend follower and love to play with the new concepts of designs, I’d really like to put my expertise in the works of your company.”

iii) Tell Your Story

“Stories connect us at a human level that factual statements and logical arguments can’t possibly match.” ― Steve Woodruff

Everyone has a story to tell, and I am sure you also have one. Your experiences, motivations, defining moments, etc. that brings you where you are now. Never hesitate to share your story and let others get to know the real personality of yours. You never know which part of your life story motivates or influences others.

iv) Be confident and Natural

Nothing can be achieved without confidence, especially in the development of your personality. A natural, clear, and confident pitch reflects your professionalism and instantly attracts others’ attention to your conversation.
So no matter how scared you were before pitching yourself if you end up with confidence means you already win the battle.

v) Practice for Perfection

There is an old saying: “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Indeed, the quality of your practice decides the quality of your performance. So practice your pitch whenever you get a chance. Rehearse in front of the mirror or ask your friend to review your practiced pitch and work on their feedback.

Now you know the essential techniques that make your pitch dynamic, and you also get aware that it’s not as difficult as it seems. So start working on it ASAP. Good luck!

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Akanksha Mani
Akanksha Mani
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