Mindfulness about managing your money is the key aspect of mastering the art of your personal finances.

“Those who don’t manage their money will always work for those who do.” – Dave Ramsey

The beginning should be with figuring out your money habit. Further, learn how to boost better money habits to become financially healthy. Moreover, you need to understand the right and wrong money habits so that you could take measures to deal with it.

Let’s start with the big one, i.e., your bad money habits and how to deal with it more smartly.

Let’s have a look at some common bad money habits that maximum person do almost every day:

1.Spending more than you earn


Well, you are earning a certain income every month yet you spend more. It happens because many of you have credit cards and maybe sometimes you have taken loans which adds up the financial burden, and you end up spending more than what you actually earn. Here, you need to take control of that.

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2.Procrastination which creates hindrances in your finances

The biggest hindrance is procrastination, and undoubtedly many of us are the victim of this. We end up being super lazy when it comes to our personal finances. It’s really a high time we have to take care of our finances and not leave it for later because later never comes, and when it comes, it’s now.
I would say it is better to assess your financial fitness now and in the hunt of beautiful later don’t waste your wonderful now as we all want a financially healthy lifestyle. Hence, just delete procrastination from your life first.

3.Unaware about your budget

I can definitely say that a massive number of people can relate to this. We spend our money without realizing how it gets finished. And regain consciousness only after suffering from the money shortage. The only cure for this issue is that you need to maintain a proper record of your everyday expenses. Also, you have to keep on checking that if you are spending on useless stuff, and accordingly manage your budget by applying budget-friendly arrangements.

4.Unaffordable spending

We all have endless needs and desires. It could be a fancy car, or a watch, or a smartphone, a farmhouse in the mountains and the list goes on. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but there is everything wrong in dreaming without any planning to accomplish it.

The matter here is you have to take care of your finances and wisely spend your money as if your current financial scenario is not so friendly. If you jump to buy all these by taking huge loans will vanish your financial health, and on top of that, it will add up a huge interest amount on you.

Better dream, smart work on it, earn more and grow a level up, and then you can spend on your dream desires.

6.Victim of your emotions when it comes to your finances

You are generous and kind enough that whenever your friends, family, or even a random person needs money, you lend them without any second thought despite your not so friendly financial scenario. Well, in such emotional cases, don’t let your sentiments take control over your mind instead critically analyze your financial scenario first and respond accordingly.

Like if you are capable enough to lend them then go for it but if you do not then feel free to confront them about your situation and help them in guiding the right way so that they can get help from there.

These are some bad money habits you need to quit; otherwise, the effects can be painful.

Let’s have a look at some good money habits, which you need to understand as it certainly will help maintain your financial health

1. You spend in a mindful way

When you are a rational person, you spend your money in a mindful way which is absolutely a good habit and worth it. It will bring financial joy and peace in your life. If you want an ideal lifestyle, it is much needed to be mindful enough when it comes to your finances.

2.Automation in your finances

As technology is transforming every minute, you should keep enough applications and smart digital ways that ease your lifestyle. There are a lot of digital ways available through which you can pay your electric bills or even keep a check on your transaction records, savings, and so on. Basically, we can track each step of our finance all the time, which is indeed an eminent way of understanding our finance and take control of that.

3. Choose a debit card over a credit card.

Those who carry credit cards are more likely to spend much than what they actually earn. It is better to prefer a debit card over a credit card as it will be the best option and a wise option when it comes to keeping your finances in control.

4.Investment of your finances

When you are good at maintaining your finances, you must know how to save some money. But saving is not enough, and you needed to invest your money for your better future because if you invest now, it will give good returns and different perks in your retirement phase or help you in the emergencies.

5. Always remember your end aim

When you are working hard to maintain your financial health sound and full of peace, do not forget your goal. Your goal should be in your mind with each step and passionate enough to keep you motivated from inside
so that you could make every possible effort in the progress of your finances.

Now you are aware of some basic good and bad money habits. Now go and figure out your money habit and don’t forget to keep the records of all your expenses regularly.

All the Best!


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