Be the goose that lays golden eggs.

What precisely does it mean?

“Be the goose that lays golden eggs” signifies somebody or something that is a precious source of money, business, power, or any other benefits.

But How? With your very own typical job?

No, your 10 to 6 regular job will never make you that goose until you simultaneously utilize the different work opportunities.

Here I will show some fantastic ways that help you to make extra money easily

1. Part-time job

It can be the prompt choice of most of us majorly students. It adds to your experience and provides you with a steady flow of income.

How to get the best part-time jobs?

There are plenty of part-time job posting sites available like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, LinkedIn, FlexJobs, AngelList, LinkUp, Scouted, Snagajob, Google for Jobs, The Ladders, and the list is unending. Here, you need to identify your interest area, sign up to the different portals, research accordingly, and apply.

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2. Sell on your education

In this digital era, every traditional thing has smarter ways that are available online. And, turning into a mentor of different students is simpler than ever. Well, you must appreciate the online tutorial websites that provide you with global access.

It is one of the best ways, hoping to sell online courses; however, befuddled by the enormous number of online course platforms out there and opting for the best one is the real case. You need to have a clear picture in your head of precisely your category where you fall in and opt accordingly.
Some categories, along with the platforms, are mentioned below:

WordPress Plug-Ins /Themes to Sell Courses Online: Here, you will get plenty of WordPress plug-ins and themes are available to help you out with it. Some are LearnDash, AccessAlly, Course Cats, LifterLMS

Standalone Online Course Platforms: The best option for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. They can create their branded site to sell online courses. Some are Thinkific, LearnWorlds, Teachable, Podia, Click4Course, Pathwright, Zippy Courses, and so on

Marketplace Online Course Platforms: Giving approaches to creator/collect courses, additionally give an existing marketplace wherein to sell online courses. Some are Skillshare, Udemy, etc.

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3. Sell your creative pieces of stuff

If you are a person with many creative skills, why not use it to make some quick money?
Suppose you are good at taking good shots, take some pretty good pictures and upload it online to sell. Some best places to sell your photos online are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, Crestock, 500px, Snapped4u, Photoshelter, TourPhotos, and so on. You can make your website to showcase your various forms of creativity and earn money with that.

4. Freelancing

Probably the ideal approach to begin quickly with working from home. Perhaps some of you enjoy writing, love designing, good coder, programmer, copywriter, etc. There are plenty of freelancing jobs available for you like Freelance writer, Virtual Assistant, Freelance web developer or programmer, Graphic Designer, Bookkeeping, Freelance Photography, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Just figure out which you are good at and go for it.

Now, let’s have a look at some ways through which you can make money fast:

5. Earn through Online Surveys

Many market research organizations are selecting new individuals from around the globe to fill out surveys. They depend on individuals like you sharing insights, and they offer rewards and money in return. If you want to earn some good money, you just need to sign up for as many survey portals as possible.
Some authentic survey sites that will definitely pay you are Branded Surveys, InboxPounds, Opinion Outpost, Swagbuck, LifePoints, YouGov India, Prize Rebel, PaidViewPoint, Google Opinion Rewards, and so on.

6. Begin a Blog and then Monetize It

These days starting and monetizing your blog is quite easier. Make a clear picture in your head about the type you feel concrete about and become a dealer. There are plenty of flavors and formats on blogs, such as financial blogs, cooking blogs, travel blogs, etc. Just make sure you are following the right step to initiate with your blog and monetize it aptly. Monetization is math, not magic, and you need to make sure you are following the correct strategies for the same.

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7. Sell products on Amazon

Amazon has come up with the two selling plans, Individual and Professional, that one can say as Standard and Premium. It offers you to sell the least to an abundant number of products. Here, you need to figure out which plan can be a correct choice for you, and then you can proceed with the registration and further proceedings. Some examples where you can create your selling account are Engage B2B customers, Advertise your listings, Sell handcrafted goods, Sell low-cost items with FBA, Sell Professional Services, etc.

8. Social Media

Social media is one of the most appealing and instant ways where you can make money.
How? Let’s have a look:

  • You can run an online Instagram shop and sell your products. E.g., you can sell your handmade crafts, run a bakery shop, and so on
  • You can captivate customers with your products on Pinterest
  • You can manage the social media handles of different companies. There are so many companies that are providing paid opportunities
  • If you love creative writing, you can build a compelling concrete bond with your audience on social media with your remarkable writing skill
  • You can monetize your YouTube channel if you have. If not, then make one as per your interest area, etc.

There are many more ways to make money apart from your regular job. So choose one that best suits you and go for it. All the Best!