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How To Build A Startup Team – Complete Guide

It doesn’t matter how amazing an idea you have, the destiny of your startup ultimately will be written by your team. After all, if the right team can push your startup to heights, then only one wrong member can bring down your entire efforts. A wrong team will only cause you to waste your money, time, and your great idea.

So as a founder, you need to know how to build the right team that helps your startup grow leaps and bounds. These five steps can help you build a startup team.

1. Evaluate Your skillset

You can’t have every single skill that a startup needs to grow. You need people that have complementary skills. Before you start hiring people, make a list of the skill sets necessary to run your startup.

Then evaluate your own skills. What are you great at? What do you lack? Also include your personality, values, and beliefs. After you have marked your skills, you can start thinking about your team.

2. Identify the positions

Now you know what skill sets you can bring to the table. Determine what specific roles, titles, and qualities you’re looking for the needed skill sets. Ensure that you prioritize the people with complementary talent that you and other founders don’t have when identifying the positions.

Of course, you need to be aware of the hiring budget to pay for your required positions. In the early stage of your startup, you might have a tight budget. So try to use your money prudently while hiring candidates. There are plenty of options other than the direct salary you can offer to new hires, such as equity, board membership, incentives, etc.

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3. Must have personality traits in your team members

If you aim to build a long-lasting startup team, you will need a group of strong members who understand your organization. You need to find and surround yourself with individuals who have a passion for what they do and are among the best in their respective fields. In addition to that, they must possess a set of traits your organization needs to succeed. Here are the qualities you must be looking for in a new hire.

1.Result oriented

Identifying and attracting individuals with such traits should be your top priority.

4. Create a hiring process

Once you have defined the traits and skills criteria for different positions, you need to create a hiring process. Since hiring a qualified person is a tedious and time-consuming process, you must create it as soon as possible. Create a set of rounds for the assessment of candidates that usually begins with a casual interview. Following the interview, make sure that you add some assessment tests for required skills. If possible, look for all-rounders. You can set an interview to test the in-depth knowledge of the skills needed and a broad understanding of other fields.

During these tests, you can observe how the candidate thinks and makes decisions. A candidate with different thinking should be given priority as it will create diversity in the team.

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5. Explain your vision to your new team members

Every startup has its own culture, value, and vision. As a startup leader, you need to set a vision and communicate it to fellow team members to see the result of what they are doing. Once your startup team is onboard, setting and communicating vision will make them feel they are a part of the winning game. It will keep them moving. The more they believe in your vision, the more likely you’re going to win.

The bottom line

A good team is the plinth of a great company. You need to find and attract the best competitive players in the industry with your vision and passion and get them to work together towards a common goal.

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