What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which is responsible for powering nearly one-third of websites across the world. Started in 2003, the platform is a big hit among amateur personal bloggers as well as non-blogging websites of corporate giants and corporations like NBC, The New York Post, Sony, Time Inc., and many more. The blog market is filled with new software and platforms which might help launch your blog however, over the last few years, WordPress’ unique features and powerful tool made it one of the most popular site builders and content management systems on the market. We present to you the top 10 reasons how you will benefit from creating a blog on WordPress.

1.WordPress is free

Being one of the most powerful website building software and 100% free of charge with absolutely no fees attached is a rather shocking and yet absolutely accurate fact. All you need to do is simply download the software from WordPress.org and create your own blog without it costing a thing. However, the only downside on WordPress is that it requires you to manage the host by either being a “Self-host” or buying a “Managed host” such as Bluehost.

2. User friendly and intuitive

Whether you are a tech geek or a novice, WordPress is extremely simple to use and easy to work with due to its intuitive interface. Without any technical expertise, your website can be up and running in a matter of minutes, as all one needs is a domain name for the site and a web hosting account. The interface is a user-friendly admin dashboard that allows the user to change themes, add new pages, blog posts, images, etc, and has every feature needed to customize a site’s layout to help start creating posts right away.

3. Manage Your Website from Any device

Being a browser-based website building platform and content management software, WordPress can be easily accessed through any device of your choosing as long as you have your login id and a stable Internet-connected device.

4. WordPress Sites are ranked higher

The simple and clean code behind WordPress makes it easy for search engines to identify them and hence rank them higher up when searched. For precise search engine optimization, you can use meta tag description, keywords, and title for every page, post, or image. This will help optimize and enhance your search engine reachability.

5. WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive

Most website-building platforms are not mobile responsive and rank lower in Google rankings because of the same. Websites don’t just need to look good on PCs and Laptops but on every device. WordPress is among the very few websites which offers a variety of theme designs that are mobile responsive by adding plugins and minor adjustments.

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6. Themes that enamor everyone

wordpress-blog-themes-1 (1)

WordPress offers a wide array of themes for fine-tuning the functions and appearance of a new site. The platform has an ever-growing variety of basic and premium themes which are instantly available to a site owner.  Although, there are several designs in the theme directory which can be purchased through design marketplaces and even a third-party website designer. The look and layout of your site can be instantly changed using these beautiful and easy-to-apply themes.

7. A Built-in Blog

As the platform was originally created as a blogging platform, one can easily upload a blog post to any other page of your website easily or add a feature of email subscriptions to your page or allow access to commenting capabilities, as the platform supports built-in blogging capabilities which are easy to integrate. The blog is simple to set-up, and help make a basic corporate website more interactive and dynamic. If you are a blogger, then the built-in features will help you set up easily and in no time.

8. Extend Functionality with Plugins

WordPress offers features to build a basic site; however, several users require a more professional-looking website with more specialized functions that cater to the specific needs of the website. The plugin directory offered by WordPress has hundreds of reasonably priced plugins that are designed to perform simple and specific tasks. These plugins add features such as contact forms, galleries, shopping carts, event calendars, and more to a WordPress site.

9. Flexible for every Need

Whatever a company’s requirements, WordPress has sufficed them as it has grown over the years and it is now complex enough to powers a wide range of sites. WordPress runs complex and professional websites for large multinational corporations such as Sony; while on the other hand manages websites for small businesses, and simultaneously gives way to create personal blogs.  A website created on WordPress is powerful enough to have an eCommerce store, host a social network, or even run a podcast.

10. Help is around

WordPress is a free and open-source platform with people supporting it from all over the world and contributing to making it better in every possible way. Millions of users have chosen WordPress and hence millions can help you solve problems easily. This is why roughly one-third of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. The robust and highly active online community will help you with the most twisted questions and will help you with any issues you face.