The social media influencer industry has grown to become approximately 5 billion U.S dollars big in 2020. The job might seem fun and easy, but it is anything but that. To become a social media influencer, you have to offer something unique and of value and grow a loyal fanbase, one follower at a time. You need to interact with your followers daily. Every picture, post, or caption requires a lot of time and psychology to appeal and align with the audience. Social media influencers have expertise in their chosen niche. That is why people have started to rely more on influencer recommendations than a celebrity endorsement. They believe that the influencer is a peer who is also knowledgeable and an expert in the said topic. To be a person of such a strong presence requires the grooming of your personality. Following are some helpful personality development tips that will help shape your personality to suit the industry better. 


An influencer is someone who has the power of persuasion. An influencer can only yield such power if they are well-liked by their audience and customers. You have to build a positive reputation. Anybody who comes across as too arrogant, no matter their expertise, will never grow as a social media influencer. You have to be approachable and easy to talk to. The reason why someone follows you might not always be your brand or what you offer. If people have a positive association with you, it is more likely for them to reflect those positive associations towards your brand as well. 


Passion Social Media Influencer Traits 1

To be a good influencer, you have to be passionate about what you do and your vertical. Passion makes one hungry to learn and hungry to do. A passionate influencer will know all about their vertical and will be up to date with all trends. They will devote time to learn the past, present, and future of their brand. Many people tend to paint things in broad strokes, but a passionate individual would dive deep into details. A follower would always trust such an influencer who cares so deeply about their brand and their vertical.


To inculcate curiosity in your everyday being is a personality trait that would help everyone and especially influencer. Curiosity allows one to break the trends and formats everyone is following. It helps one to think out of the box. 

A curious influencer would strive to find more information regarding their vertical. This would allow them to answer questions regarding their brand better. Curiosity is a handy tool for social media. Every day there is a new gadget, new medium, or trend that comes into place. To be able to gauge it before it blows up would put you far ahead in content. Only a curious individual who is willing to experiment and try out new things can keep up with the fast pace of change.  

Build Big Vision Over Time 

As an influencer, you need to have a vision or a goal. But what is more important is to build that vision over time. If one jumps headfirst and tries to get-it-all in a go, they are set up for failure. The big vision is the end goal. To reach there, you should have a clear, simple vision and build on it, one day at a time. You have to develop that vision while crafting smaller projects on the way. Having tunnel vision would only blind you. Be open to opportunities you didn’t plan on. 

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Marketing Bent Of Mind 

Marketing Bent Of Mind Social Media Influencer Traits

To earn from being an influencer, you’ll have to delve into marketing. Being an influencer is literally marketing yourself. What sets apart a good, distinguished influencer and a mediocre influencer is their marketing bent of mind. No follower would appreciate the person they look up to shoving a product down their throat. It would seem as if they are running behind money and don’t care about their audience. A social media influencer’s pillars are trust, transparency, authenticity, and knowledge they share with their followers. If they seem insincere, they would no longer have a firm footing. So, learning the skill of marketing is essential. You have to be creative and subtle and offer some value to your content consumers. It should be a genuine exchange.


What good is an influencer with no influence? How good would a social media personality be if they do not socialize? Engagement between followers and the influencer is essential. The number of followers is no longer a measure of success or criteria for roping in advertisements. Many average influencers buy followers to appear to be topping charts. They are very easy to spot. Their number of followers and the amount of engagement on their feed never corresponds. Having an organic following will never put you in this awkward spot. The more you engage with your followers, the more likely they will respond positively to your content, recommend you to others, share your content and give you feedback. Thus, helping you grow closer to your end goal.


You need to be mentally prepared and have a lot of persistence before taking on this role. The initial stage can be extremely frustrating and can feel like being stuck in limbo. You’ll be discouraged over not gaining a lot of followers overnight. Your content may not get much response. You might also feel awkward posting. But this is when you have to persevere. Building organic followers takes time before it catches momentum. You’ll spend a lot of time working on your content before people start noticing you. Being persistent and working through these lulls and lows is what would reward you later. 

Practicing all these tips to develop your personality will give you an edge in becoming a social media influencer. Moreover, these are some life skills that would help you in all spheres of life. 


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