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Best Tips And Tools For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

If you are seeking an effective digital marketing tool that can build you a long-lasting relationship with your customer, then there’s nothing a cut above than good old email.

A person’s inbox is where you can meet your audiences every day with an opportunity to turn them into happy, profitable, and long-running customers. So, here you should not miss even a single chance to impress your email audience for your business growth.

Below mentioned email marketing tips, if employed, can make your email campaigns more appealing, more engaging, and more clickable, thus driving you more business.

Design visually appealing emails


Visual memories are the strongest memories. A human brain is more likely to grasp visual information as compared to text. It takes only a few seconds for visual information to process. This is a huge asset for the email marketers in an overcrowded inbox.

Moreover, email can serve as a great medium to introduce and exhibit your brand in the most engaging way possible and visual content is the way to do it.

Get inspired by ready-to-use templates

Email marketing tools give you the perk of enhancing your emails with ready -to -use templates, which can save your time and design an effective, engaging, & beautiful newsletter for your audiences.
There are plenty of good email marketing tools which can further be customized and modified as per your requirements. Later in the blog, we will be shading light on tools that can do miracles to your email marketing campaign.

Design your own email template


If you don’t find anything suitable to use in your readymade templates, you can always draft and design your email template from scratch. Several email templates offer drag and drop features to design and customize an engaging and efficient email newsletter for your brand.

Design responsive emails

We know the fact that cell phones and tablets are more hands-on than laptops and desktop devices. Moreover, emails are being more opened on mobile devices, thus, it is recommended to design an email for top 640 px of length by 3 inches of depth.

Half of the recommended measure is the usual breakpoint for mobile devices. On the other hand, tablets have no breakpoint, thus, your email design will act responsively.

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Think about your layout

Arrange your template by prioritizing the most important and influencing details at the top and then next, to give your subscribers a clear picture of the information you want to share with them, without confusing or misleading them.

A majority of internet users spend about 80% of their time in reading the above-the-fold content, so keep your message loud and clear.
Moreover, keep your newsletter easy on the viewer’s eye. For that include a lot of white space as it improves the readability of your message.
To save your email from spam, balance the ratio of text vs. graphics in your newsletter, as several mails directly reach spam because of their uneven text-to- graphic ratio.

Typography – fonts that emails love


When it comes to text for your emails, prefer safe fonts or the one that is supported by every device and browser in each email service provider. Employing the safe fonts ensures that your viewers are seeing your text in the same way it is being delivered without any system incompatibility glitch.

Design an irresistible CTA

A strong and irresistible call-to-action is vital for your email campaign as it is the prime driver of your marketing goal.

Once connected with your brand, people love to explore and discover. Use their curiosity to turn them into future customers.

To ensure your CTA converts:

  • Place your CTA above the fold, visible enough for your customers’ viewers after opening the mail.
  • Make your CTA clickable. Either add a hyperlink with bigger fonts or make the CTA in the form of a graphic button.
  • Create a white space around the CTA button to make it appear pop and employ contrasting colours to highlight your CTA.
  • Use actionable language to convey your subscribers the message you want to deliver
  • Usually, one CTA is recommended but, in case you have more than one CTA, Size them as per the priority from biggest to smallest.

As for the CTA button in your email newsletter, it should be at least 44px X 44 px for the smartphone users to click it without having to increase the screen size.

Now, you have these small but crucial details that can bring drastic and positive changes to your email marketing campaign. But there are some tools that, if used, can optimize your email, save you a lot of time, effort and money and design you beautiful and visually appealing emails. These email marketing tools are as follows:


One of the most economic and easy to use email marketing tools, Sender incorporates features to make certain deliverability. With Sender, the user does not need to have any HTML knowledge. One simply has to choose suitable components from the template and then modify it with sections like images, videos, and texts. To make your viewers feel considerate, you can even personalize the email.

USP: Robust analytic feature that lets you trail the viewers who opened your email and clicked the links provided and more. Moreover, Sender also assists you with creating accurate buyer profiles as per your subscribers’ actions, for you to optimize your marketing strategy and craft compelling offers.

Free plan: 15,000 emails per month limited to 2500 subscribers and
Paid plan: Starts at approx. $10 per month

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Grow. Sell. Engage.
The marketing communication platform, Sendinblue features both an efficient email marketing tool and additional features like CRM and landing page creation.
With about 70 responsive email templates to offer, this email marketing tool offers your feature as a preview to ensure your final design look before sending it to the viewers.
USP: Features like A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to take the manual effort and guesswork out of enhancing your campaigns before aiming it to ideal audiences.

Free plan: Max 300 emails per day
Paid plan: Starts at $25 per month


A powerful feature customized especially for e-commerce needs, Omnisend encapsulates all the communication platforms in one place. Using behavioural triggers, Omnisend enables you to automate your mail delivery and the time of your interactions with your subscribers based on the viewer’s convenience.
USP: Product Picker; a time-saving feature offered by Omnisend for designing appealing newsletters by letting you pick the features you want to add to your newsletter.
Free plan: 15,000 emails per month and max 2,000 emails per day
Paid plan: Starts at $16 per month


SendPlus is more than just an email service platform. It is a multi-channel marketing platform that includes Web Push, SMS, chatbots, etc., but its email marketing feature is thriving among its users. The drag and drop feature helps you with designing the newsletter reflecting your brand.
USP: Subscriber rating features to identify your most valuable subscribers. Besides, the features also enable you to analyse and evaluate the open and click-through rates as well as read and unread the rate of viewers.
Free plan: 15,000 emails per month and limited to 2,500 subscribers and
Paid plan: Starts at $7.88 per month

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Benchmark Email

Irrespective of the device they are seen, email designed using Benchmark Email always looks great. The email editor lets you edit an image, add effects, stickers, texts to make your email appear excellent.
USP: The dual view feature that enables you to see your email design while you are editing it, thus much simplifying your whole email creation process.
Free plan: 14,000 emails per month and limited to 2,000 subscribers
Paid plan: Starts at $13.99 per month


Mailchimp is the commander in the world of email marketing tools. The free plan of this marketing tool offers basic marketing features like creating and scheduling the mail.
USP: Smart recommendation feature offering precious audiences insights to enhance your marketing efforts accordingly. Besides, the content manager here lets you store all the images and files for easy access and lets you automate your mails at vital stages of the buyer’s journey like sending welcome emails, trade confirmation emails, reminder emails, and more.

Free plan:  10,000 emails per month and limited to 2,000 subscribers
Paid plan: Starts at $9.99 per month


In MailerLite, you can create responsive landing pages to elevate your chances to drive conversions. You can also run A/B testing to check what works best for your audiences.

The tool also offers you a comprehensive campaign design report that encapsulates vital stats such as click rate, open rate, unsubscribes rate, etc.

USP: Landing page builder, and pop-up customizer, rich text editor, and built-in photo editor like features makes this tool stand out among its competitors.
Free plan: 12,000 emails per month and limited to 1,000 subscribers
Paid plan: Starts at $10 per month

Let us know, which marketing tool works best for your brand!
Good luck with your next email marketing campaign.

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