Although Pinterest is most commonly known as a service for social media and image sharing that aids in saving as well as discovering information on the web via images and animated GIFs and videos in the form of pinboards on a smaller scale, it can also be quite beneficial to your website. Here are the best ways to get website traffic from Pinterest.

1. Business Page on Pinterest

Sign up and create a business page on Pinterest. You can sign-up manually with your e-mail id or you can use Sign-up with Google. After signing up, update all the profile information and verify your website on Pinterest.

2. Rich Pins

There are pins of different kinds such as movie pins, article pins, product pins, app pins and recipe pins, and place pins. These are called Rich pins and each of them possesses its own upgrades such as real-time pricing as well as a direct link to your site. Applying for rich pins can be quite beneficial as they hold more data than standard pins.

As a blogger, applying for rich pins can prove to be quite significant as they aid you in the promotion and you can promote your most recent blog post along with your logo, a greater front-page as well as a link to your site.  And because Pinterest utilizes the Facebook Open Graph metadata, article pins can be set up via WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO.

Keep in mind to have Open Graph enabled on your blog and have your site validated with Pinterest.

Here are a few more features you can utilize to enhance your pins:

  • Your site gets reviewed by Pinterest and you will be contacted if you’ve acquired approval.
  • Pinterest also provides guides to pinning, analytics as well as the optimization of your boards.
  • You can obtain particular tips on marketing as well as stay updated on the latest news on Pinterest
  • You can learn how to make click-worthy pins via mini-tutorial videos as well as learn how to enhance your campaign.

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3. Keywords

Pinterest works as a search engine does; hence you must use proper keywords in your pins. Incorporate keywords in your Pin titles along with captions. Also, keep in mind to utilize a combination of long-tail keywords.

An example of a broad keyword would be “Blog” and that of a long-tail keyword is “Blog post ideas.” This is why broad keywords typically have a wider range whilst long-tail keywords cater more towards target audiences.

The search tool that Pinterest provides aids you in finding long-tail keywords. Pinterest will offer you long-tail keyword ideas in the search bar as well as on the broad keywords’ search results.

Keep in mind that Pinterest may flag your Pin as spam if you forget to write for people and just jot down random keywords.

4. It’s A Game Of Numbers

Hundreds of pins appear on Pinterest each hour.

Your goal is to have the most repins since they are what make your material appear to new users more frequently. The most effective approach to this would be to pin at the ideal time and day, which is found to be on Saturday mornings through the analysis of various articles with fashion and retail’s peak pin time being after 3 pm on Friday. Keep in mind to avoid pinning during working hours.

You can however study your audience’s Pinterest habits and hours if you want to cater to them. you want to target your audience you may want to go a step further and look at where your audience comes from and how they spend their time on Pinterest.

You can also study your audience’s demographics through the analytics of Pinterest.

Pin content that fits into your audience’s niche. Refer to Pareto’s 80/20 rule for more clarity, it advises you to share 80% of others’ material while you share merely 20% of your own material.

5. Pins For SEO

Besides being a social network, Pinterest is also a search engine where your images get ranked. Your images will receive a higher ranking and you will also drive more traffic if you master the Pinterest SEO. Therefore, try and add the right keywords to your pin description through keyword research.

Keyword suggestions will also be provided by Pinterest when you enter likely keywords in the search field. After which you add the most relevant of the keywords to your pin description.

Keep in mind to weave the keywords into the text in a way that it still sounds chat-like. Don’t simply cram the keywords randomly.

You can also add these keywords to your boards to get them to rank. You can aid your board in raking in more followers by adding the keywords to them, which will help them to the tank. This will help in also driving a decent amount of traffic too.

6. Increase Your Following

The number of followers you amassed on Pinterest will be connected with the amount of generated organic traffic. More followers mean more impressions on your pins as well as clicks. The social features of Pinterest can be utilized to aid you in bringing in more traffic along with the Pinterest SEO, which is why you should increase your following through increased pin frequency, account promotion and a host of other methods.