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10 Best Keyword Research Tools For Free

Keyword research is quite crucial, yet quite expensive.  Here are 10 of the best tools you can utilize for keyword research without spending a dime.

1. InstaKeywords

A great tool for obtaining keywords, InstaKeywords provides you with an abundance of keyword recommendations, as well as significant information such as tallies of searches that occurred in the previous month, area search capacity, and scores of the competition score, etc.

InstaKeywords also aids you in exporting the keywords at a click, obtaining keywords via mobile devices such as Android devices and iPads, offers keywords as well as important data on one page so you need not scroll or venture to other pages, and aids you in your search for long-term keywords. However, it holds neither ads nor graphics.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends For Keyword Research

Google Trends provides you with a view of the relative popularity of individual keywords along with seasonal or regional variations. You can utilize it in creating trending topical content, which is what makes Google Trends one of the most powerful tools for researching keywords.

The features of Google Trends are as such:

  • Daily search trends along with real-time search trends can be found out with Google Trends
  • It provides you with numerous categories such as people, news, athletes, food, fashion, beauty, etc.
  • Google Trends provides you with yearly data
  • Google Trends aids you in finding out about other people’s interest at a specified period as well as weighing one search rank with another
  • Depending on the search keyword, it identifies topics instantly
  • You can alternate between most searched and trending views via a drop-down menu on Google Trends.

3. Keyword Surfer

What you get with Keyword Surfer is; a Chrome extension that lets you see the estimated search volumes for global and monthly search volumes for questions that get typed and searched on Google globally in a month, along with the area search volume approximations for 19 countries.

Keyword Surfer is a multi-purpose tool that can be utilized for keyword research as well as content creation, be it; turning basic search statistics into a list of keywords, content guideline suggestions, etc.

4. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter aids you in the generation of requests for average and lengthy keywords. What’s more, is, utilizing Keyword Shitter needs no signing in or download.

With Keyword Shitter, you can

  • Gain insights for your blogs or articles for which competition is low
  • Obtain bulks of keyword lists
  • Copy-paste keywords as well as upload a CSV file.
  • Worry less about competition analysis as Keyword Shitter aids by examining keywords
  • Locate competitor’s URLs in case you want to analyze further them
  • Access page metadata of a page along with page topics, etc

5. Soovle

Keywords Suggestions from Bing, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc can be obtained through Soovle. Besides aiding you in saving keyword suggestions, Soovle also suggests trending keywords which in addition show up arranged alphabetically.

What benefits do you get from Soovle?

  • You can alternate between search engines for ease
  • You have the option of customizing search options
  • A search on the specified search engine will provide you with recommendations
  • Your saved items can be recycled

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6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest - Keyword Research Tools For Free

Over 100 long-tail keywords can be obtained within mere minutes with Ubersuggest. Not only does Ubersuggest provide insights concerning website traffic as well as organic keywords; it also has a host of features such as:

A whole search engine marketing(SEO) report where you can survey your competitor’s web page ratings for keyphrases

You can find out natural key phrases from different websites.

Ubersuggest lets you apprehend one-way links having the maximum effect on your rankings.

You can see volume, competition, and trends of the season for each keyword.

It provides you with a keyword-listing on the basis of people’s searches on the Google Search Engine.

Besides aiding you in creating better content depending on people’s topics of interest, Ubersuggest is also free.

7. Keyword In

Keyword In is a simple tool that aids you in enhancing your website for SEO by obtaining new keywords. Keyword In also aids you in creating a target-keyword listing for the PPC program or Google Adwords, which is why it is one of the best keyword research tools

With Keyword In, users have the option of merging keywords, and that too via the choice to pick from 3 methods; broad match, phrase match, and an exact match.

It aids users in generating keywords for SEO along with PPC.

This tool checks for all possible keyword combinations This tool utilizes just one step to look for all possible combinations of keywords.

8. Keysearch

Keysearch aids you in obtaining significant keyword lists for your website or blog, which have low competition. Import phrases can be obtained in various ways through Keysearch. Keywords suggested by Google, Amazon, and YouTube are fetched by this tool, which is why you can utilize it to obtain an in-depth analysis of keyword competition.

Other benefits of Keysearch are such as:

  • It aids you in checking your website’s backlink
  • Your webpage can be audited
  • This tool aids you in getting ranking updates by creating reports and notifications
  • Keysearch guides you on how to use it via a tutorial video
  • You have the option of tracking your website’s ranking
  • Updates are automatic and frequent

9. Answer the Public

A keyword generator that aids you in the report with data to prove the campaign’s efficiency, Answer The Public is also available in regions like the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, among others.

  • It helps in obtaining 1500 PR keywords all over the world
  • This tool offers a visualization of the data as a whole
  • Regardless of the searched word in the textbox, it provides content suggestions instantly
  • It is multilingual

10. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite provides a plethora of tools that you can utilize to manage your SEO campaign effectively. It also provides different kinds of tools for SEO analysis along with tools for keyword research, backlink checkers, content editors, PPC ads optimization, and a lot more.

Here are a few of SEO PowerSuite’s key features:

  • All search engines are encompassed by SEO PowerSuite, which provides unlimited sites, keywords, as well as backlinks.
  • SEO PowerSuite aids you in scheduling tasks at any time and regularity.

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