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Best Off Page SEO Practices For A New Website

Whether you are a business or blogger or charity organization, you want your website to get discovered in the search engine when the audience searches keywords relevant to your website. Off page SEO plays a crucial role in achieving so. If done strategically it gives you unmatched organic traffic and a higher ranking.

If you have recently created your website and having trouble with Off Page SEO for your website? Here’s the best guide for it!

Conquer Off Page SEO With Content

Great content is the basis for a thriving website as far as marketing along with SEO is concerned. Coming up with great content that is shareable is a nifty way to obtain more and more organic backlinks to your website and or blog. However, keep in mind that badly written content, plagiarized content, content that contains deceptive titles will not get ranked high. So, remember to research regularly in order to maintain flawless content that is original and intriguing on your website.

Utilize The Power Of Social Media

social media off page seo

Since social media holds a major and ever-growing influence over search results in this day and age, it is critical that you create a powerful social media presence in order to circulate content and links. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. have become daily buzzwords of the day. They’re quite familiar on how to connect people, offer them means to be encouraged and stimulated as well as provide them with the likes and shares for which they hanker. Brands and online marketers saw opportunity in this and have utilized their social platforms as the ideal playground for brand advocacy as well as promotions.

Likes and shares work like magic on social media in how they aid the growth of your business, optimizing it by the manifold. You attract new subs, leads or fans whenever you share significant, new, and appealing content with your community of users.

Here are three tips to aid you in utilizing this great power of social media:

Be Receptive

Whether they’re pleased with your services, asking for recommendation or feedback from their friends, or when they’re unsatisfied with your product, people are guaranteed to talk about you. Whatever the case may be, keep in mind to engage and sympathize with your customers. You can do this via can be performed across all channels, be they online or offline, on your support page or on social media channels.

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Form Alliances With The Big Ones

off page optimization

You can promote your brand with the help of the horde of thought leaders, well known professionals and influencers or simply expert group admins that exist. They would help you a great deal in this when they simply share your content, mention you, follow you and influence your self-growth as a businessman or marketer in the concerned area.

So, try and connect with gurus of social media, take help by forming bonds with them and gaining an understanding of the dos and don’ts from them. If you have to be best, learn from the best.

Keep An Eye On Your Online Rep

Brand mentions should be treated dearly as they’re extremely valuable. Brand mentions count as links in Google’s search algorithms, so get a reliable tool for brand monitoring and to view the mentions your social media channels received, in what manner you are talked about so you can use the opportunity to reach out and turn them into customers as everyone’s a potential customer if you play your cards right.

Keep It Consistent

Remember that fresh content can significantly influence rankings as far as the frequency that you post content in is concerned as Google continuously searches fresh pages to index all over the internet.

However, don’t forget that quality always trips quantity.


Linking back to your old posts (which is called internal linking) gives your site an enhanced architecture as it has a sense of creating a website inside a website, providing an extra SEO boost to your specifically referred pages. Additionally, you also provide your readers with a chance to explore your site for more content.

However, feel free to your competition if the links are valuable and or refer to strong, quality sites. This is called external linking.

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Create and chase quality

Link building is the most mainstream strategy for marketing among professionals across the world. The fact it’s frequently favored by the multitudes over the principle of creating and providing new quality content despite Google suggesting content as the numero uno ranking factor shows how important link building is.. Yet, content is still contributing a lot to your linking strategy.

Links translate as your brand’s votes or appreciation. The rise of black hat SEO is to an extent credited to link building. Engaging in activities such as forum signatures, enrolling one’s website in content directories, schemes for link exchange, blog directories,  link networks, comment link which is also known as comment signature, article directories, etc. is quite common due to people’s desperation for gathering links which is quite risky.

Keep an eye on whom you’re linking to along with how you are doing it as popularity, topic match between two domains tied by a link, anchor text, website trustworthiness, link freshness, domain authority (DA) and or page authority (PA) and or domain authority (DA), and no. of links which are used by the “sender” page are things which make a referring domain a link whether not it be valuable..

Links are of three main types:

Organic/natural links

A reader/customer/user recognizes your page’s content and has an encouraging

The content on your page and has an encouraging opinion of your services. And therefore, as a symbol of trust, endorsement and appreciation, links to your business;

Links Built Manually

Obtained from direct link building techniques such as asking customers intentionally to link to your product and or for influencers to share/promote your content;

Self-Made Links

Natural/organic link building is the best move when posting the link of your website in the comments, also known as comment signature, or forums, web directories, press releases, etc. most of which go into the black hat category. This can be achieved by creating link worthy contents, which will attract links naturally.

Another great option is guest blogging. However, avoid overlinking your website and ensure that your contribution is more useful than spammy. And to avoid suspicion of shady practices by Google, build your links at at gradual pace.

A lot of digital marketers or businesses tend to forget that link building about quality over quantity.. So look for links that are high-quality. You can however still link as well as obtain links regarding your niche from young or smaller brands and professionals. Just make sure they have quality, proper keywords and texts, inbound number, etc. But It never hurts to have variety as niche-focused content alone can sometimes be boring.

Links that pass the most link juice are the best ones, and are what your brand requires. Page authority ( along with general domain trust) is a crystal clear sign of a site’s SEO tactics as well as its status as Google is not essentially and exclusively concerned with links, but with the impact of links on the online environment along with your website.

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