Facebook marketing plays a crucial role in social media marketing. If you are a newcomer in internet marketing, you must know that Facebook has 2.27 billion active users worldwide. Such a crazy number, No?

Well, what if you could reach your target audience through Facebook? Yes, by learning Facebook marketing, you can leverage its user base to market your product and service.

Wait!. Before you start learning Facebook marketing strategies, you need to know- does your target audience use Facebook?

Thanks to my telepathic power, I know you would say yes. People from almost every age group and all demography use Facebook.

Now let’s start with a tip:

1. Setting Up A Facebook Business Page

If you want to establish your business presence on Facebook, this is the first and most important step to use Facebook to its full potential. Also, setting up a perfect Facebook business page is necessary to build credibility. Relax! It’s as simple as creating your Facebook profile and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Here are the steps and guidelines :

Create Your Facebook Business Page

Log in to your personal Facebook account and go to facebook.com/pages/create.
Select your page category: Business/ brand or Community/ public figure
Enter your business and other details.

Add profile and cover images

Upload your profile photos. It should be your company logo.
The cover should draw the eyes of your visitor and show your company’s identity. It could be a video or an image, it’s up to you. You can use your group image, offerings video, your vision, or contact info. Also, keep changing your cover as per the company’s requirements.

Have a look at Coca Cola’s eye-catching cover that also gives value to its visitors.

Coca Cola’s eye-catching cover scillbee

Make sure to follow Facebook guidelines while adding cover and profile images.

Complete your page info

About Section: This comes right below your company logo, where you tell your visitors about your company in brief. Since it has a limit of 255 characters, keep this section short and don’t try to fit every piece of information. The best about section would include what your company does, why you’re different, and other interesting facts.

i). Contact Info: This is important as it will give your visitors ways to connect with you directly. Make sure to add an active phone number and email Id.

ii). Other Information: There are several more pieces of information you would need to feel to make your business page complete.

iii). Create Username: Username is a unique identity that helps visitors find your business on Facebook. Try to create a username that exactly matches your business name, or you can add some suffixes in case your business name is not available as a username. In the above image, you can see the username of Coca Cola India is “Coca-Cola India.” Since it is India specific page, it added “India” as a suffix to the brand name “Coca-cola.”

iii). Add call to action button: This is the ultimate action you want your page visitors to take depending upon your marketing goals. This button gives visitors a quick and easy way to reach out to you, shop for your products, or otherwise engage with your business. Here in the case of Coca-Cola, the marketing goal is to increase sales. The call to action button “Shop Now” is the perfect choice for accomplishing this goal.

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2. Types Of Posts That Work On Facebook

Now you have created your Facebook page, and it’s time to post some content to start marketing. Facebook offers different types of posts. Each type of post has its specific work and significance in Facebook marketing. Let’s look at them one by one:

Facebook text post

This post is just plain text, no photo, no videos, not even a link. This post type can be used to trigger engagement on your page. You can use it for asking questions, creating poles, sharing feedback, etc. It can also help you figure out what to post by simply asking your audience what they want. This is the most basic post type, but it is indeed powerful.

Image posts

Photo posts have high visual appeal and also spark higher engagement than text posts. You can use photo posts to build awareness and increase engagement. As photo posts appeal more, they are much likely to get shared by your audience. You can easily show your products and services on Facebook by using photo posts.

Video posts

Video posts on Facebook are very powerful for brand building. As facebook watch is directly competing with YouTube, it gives priority to video posts and promotes them. Also, videos on Facebook see higher engagement than all posts.

It’s advised by facebook to use short videos of a few seconds to brand announcements and offers. On the other hand, you can use long videos to create some educational series or tell brand stories.

Stories posts

Facebook Stories are photo or short video posts that appear at the top of the news feed in vertical format and disappear after 24 hours. After you click on a story, it appears and stays for 5 seconds if it’s a photo and 20 seconds if it is a video. You can even use your photo or video posts as a story post.

Unlike other posts, stories are immune to Facebook algorithms. No matter when your audience opens Facebook, your stories will be visible to them for 24 hours. If you use a story strategically, this can be a powerful way to share your content with your audience.

Live posts

Facebook Live video is a video broadcast service by Facebook. Since the launch of Live in 2016, its popularity is continuously increasing. The Facebook Live video view count climbed to 2 billion viewers in 2019.

It can be a great way to give followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company, launch products, make real-time announcements, organizes webinars, or interact with your audience directly.

Make sure to read the complete guide to Facebook live video and prepare ahead of time before you go live.

Posts with link

Link post, as it sounds, is linked to content that is outside of Facebook. You have to copy and paste a link into the status box, and Facebook will automatically populate the meta description and photo.

This post is beneficial for sharing your content outside of Facebook, i.e., blogs, products, etc. If you want to divert traffic from Facebook to your business website, this post type will be the best option.

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3. The Art Of Posting On Facebook

Well, you are now familiar with some common types of Facebook posts, but you must be wondering how to create a perfect post. Let me tell you, there is no single right way to create a perfect post. However, there are some best techniques you can use to make your Facebook posts successful.

Here are the 5 practices that can make your posts valuable

Set a clear goal- Successful Facebook marketing starts with a clear goal. You need to ask yourself a question, “What are the goals associated with a post?”. Is your goal to drive traffic to your website? Do you want it to encourage comments that build community? Do you want it to encourage the audience to share it? Do you want it to ignite a debate? Your posts will perform effectively if your post has a specific goal.

Create valuable posts- Facebook Marketing is not all about promoting your products or services. It’s about providing values to your audience, educating them, and helping them in their purchasing decisions. To be successful on Facebook, you need to create posts that add value to visitors. You should not always create promotional posts.

Add call to action- An effective posting strategy is always incomplete without a clear call to action. You need to add a clear call to action to make your posts more successful. It is a specific action you want your audience to take by using such as “subscribe now,” “share your ideas,” or “tell us what you think.”

Add compelling language in post copies- Nothing is more powerful than words. Use compelling yet concise language in the brief of your posts. Avoid using miss leading phrases to generate traffic.

Research the time of posting- This again is not the same for everyone. Your posts will not reach your audience if you don’t know the best time to post. You have to find a time when most of your audience comes online.

See how Zomato uses the practices mentioned above to make its Facebook post effective.

Last but not least is make sure to post consistently on Facebook.

4. How To Get Organic Engagement and Likes on Facebook

Organic reach is the number of people your content reach without any paid promotions. Getting organic reach has become tricky these days due to changes in Facebook’s algorithm. However, you can still get organic reach if you do it right.

Use Facebook as a Community Hub- People love to discuss trending things. Leverage this behavior of your audience by consistently offering them something unique to spark discussion on your page.

Post high quality and engaging content- More than 30 billion pieces of content are published every month on Facebook. If your content is not unique, it will be lost. Facebook recommends you share high quality (valuable) and engaging posts. The more your audience engages with your post, the more it will get organic reach.

Funnel Traffic From Other Pages- Growing your audience from scratch is one of the hardest parts of Facebook marketing. And a simple way to increase likes and engagement is to consistently remind audiences in other channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram ) about your Facebook presence.

Find & Collaborate With Influencers- According to MuseFind, 92% of the audience is more likely to trust a social media influencer over an ad. Obviously, it’s costly to endorse an influencer, but the reward you will get can be estimated from the mother dairy’s campaign “Maa ke hath ka khana.”

mother dairy’s campaign “Maa ke hath ka khaana -scillbee

Engage with the audience- If you want more people to like your Facebook Page, you will have to engage with those who already like your page. Be active on Facebook and make sure to respond to every comment or question. Remember, Facebook is a social network, and being social on social networks is the best way to make your page more likeable and engaging.

5. Harnessing The Power Facebook Groups

Giving people the power to build community and bring the world closer together by actually being social is one of the missions of Facebook. Facebook group is an integral part of that community-building mission. If you are not familiar with Facebook groups, let me tell you this is the place for discussion, asking questions, learning new things, etc. It can be beneficial to build loyal fans for your brand.

You can either create a new group for your business or join your niche based existing groups. Once you create a new group, you need to add members by inviting people. However, it may take a long time to have a large number of members in your group.

Here come the benefits of joining existing Facebook groups. Those groups already have a large number of active members whom you can reach just by joining them. However, just joining groups and posting your products and services from day zero will be considered spam; you need to start participating in discussions, helping other members by answering questions, etc. This will help you establish your expertise in a particular domain, and ultimately, you will turn group members into your customers.

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6. Understanding The Basics Of Paid Promotion on Facebook

Your target audience can have millions of prospects, but you can’t reach them organically unless they all follow your Facebook page. It may take months or years to get a fair portion of your audience organically because you have just started marketing on Facebook. It sounds pathetic but doesn’t lose your hope.

Facebook paid ads are the panacea for all your problems. Facebook offers a paid ads service to promote your products and service on Facebook at minimal costs. This is a powerful tool as it lets you create targeted ads based on your audience’s geography, demography, and behavior.

Here are the types of Facebook ads you can run on your page for different goals:
Boost a post- It is used to increase engagement (likes, comment, shares) on your posts.

Promote your page – Use this objective to increase your page followers
Get more leads- Use this objective to get leads for your business
Get more website visitors- You can use this to divert traffic to your website

Promote your business locally- If your goal is to aware local people about your business like restaurants, salons, shops, clinics, etc.

Promote your call to action button- Use this to get people to click on the call to action button. Like if your call to action button is “Call Now,” and you want your audience to make a call for a particular offer directly

Get more website purchase- If your goal is to make people purchase from your website.

Promote your app – If you have an app and want to encourage your audience to download it.

facebook ad example - scillbee

This is a conversion ad run by Microsoft to get developers to purchase the course. I would suggest you visit Facebook Blueprint if you want to know more about Facebook advertising tips.

No one size fits all Facebook marketing strategies for every brand. You will have to keep experimenting and optimizing for better results.