If you’re just getting a website started, getting traffic can be a bit of a hassle. Well, fret not because here’s what you need to do to get website traffic to a new site.

1. Utilize SEO

If you own a website then underestimating the powers of SEO would be asinine. An understanding of SEO could improve your website traffic significantly.

More than 63,000 Google searches occur within a second on any given day. And if you want to get traffic then your website has to appear in the search results.

First and foremost, ensure that your focus is on the right keywords as well as the right keyword phrases. Do remember to expand past singular words as more than half of the queries being searched are four words or more.

Imagine yourself as a part of your target audience in order to find the keywords like for instance; what might someone search for on Google in order to locate your website?

Think up an assorted list of keywords and choose the one you feel are most probable.

Another great way to thrive with SEO is posting quality content on a regular basis which you can do so through articles and infographics.

After you publish the content, make sure to maintain that they are updated on a regular basis. Also, remember to keep a check on your old content as it can get irrelevant after some time.

After you’ve established an effective SEO approach, all that’s left to do is keep it monitored. And lastly, find out trending keywords by researching analytics.

2. Go Social

Social media is another tool with limitless powers you can wield.

It’s no secret that Instagram is an immensely popular platform where you can share photos as well as connect with people from various parts of the world. However, not everyone is aware of the capabilities Instagram possesses as far as driving traffic to websites is concerned. However, multi-billion dollar companies have been birthed all with the help of Instagram who possesses a user count that’s predicted to hit 2500000000 soon. To say your targeted audience isn’t in that colossal number would be just denying the fact.

If you have a Twitter account, participate in group discourses that have relevant hashtags. Is your audience leaving comments on your Facebook posts? Answer queries and connect with your readers on your Facebook posts.

You don’t have to stop there, make use of other social media sites as well, such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit.

Pinterest is quite underrated, as far as driving website traffic to websites is concerned owing to the ripple effect possessed by pins. On average, Pinterest drives visits in millions to websites daily.

You can obtain tons of free traffic for your website through your social media profiles.

Most social platforms provide a space where you can jot a couple of lines regarding yourself as well as put a link to your website. Make use of it and be bold about the fact that you want them to click the link. You can charm first-time visitors to your website by doing so. Try and write something about yourself they’ll be intrigued by.

You can also utilize your social media posts in order to gain more views by implementing hashtags that are based on your industry and location.

Another approach you can use is sharing the latest blog post from your website or following the trend of throwbacks and sharing an old one. This will aid you in getting numerous new leads each month.

However, don’t forget to make sure your posts are easily sharable via social share buttons which can be put either at the top or the bottom of all your posts.

Also, remember to keep an eye on your social analytics to know what’s thriving.

3. YouTube Tutorial Videos

Another great way to drive traffic to your website is via YouTube. Exposure to YouTube can be quite significant as YouTube is affiliated with Google. Try to come up with tutorial videos that are quite beneficial and are highly valued as this will help you get more views. More likes and views could mean more traffic, just make sure you don’t forget to put the link to your content in the description.

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4. Email marketing

Email marketing is an ideal approach to driving website traffic to your website as well as a decent way to endorse offers. However, it also requires that you have a listing to which you can market. So, Create a list to which you can market your offers ultimately by creating a magnet and a sales funnel.

5. Go Mobile-Friendly

Ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly is another great approach and can be achieved by Utilizing the Page Insights Tool which is provided by Google by which you will be able to check your mobile layout’s friendliness as well make sure it follows procedures. Also, ensure that all your content, as well as post, are ready for AMP-specification

6. Make A Course

Making an online course that can be accessed for free is another great approach for driving traffic to your website. You can do this via Udemy, Teachable, or any other site of your choosing. Just make sure the course you create has a lot of worth and aids students in finding extra content via links.

7. Giveaways To Make A Way

You can team up with big companies to attract attention as well visitors to your website, You will be required, however; to give something of worth away. Find local or regional companies that are potential partners for your plan and do a giveaway.