LinkedIn is a powerful tool that is severely underestimated. It is like your resume but only better that you create to attract recruiters’ attention. To create a LinkedIn profile such that it grabs an employer’s attention and makes them want to hire you,  you need to tweak and optimize your profile on LinkedIn regularly.

It allows you to put your best foot forward in a manner that is more authentic to you. LinkedIn is like a marketing tool, and you have to market your profile well.

Anyone who searches up to your profile (recruiters, employers, colleagues) will not only get impressed by it but also be able to engage with it. You have to grab your employers’ attention and then market yourself as the most suitable candidate.

The online world can become a very impersonal place, and it is your job to convey yourself through your profile as a very human, warm, reliable, and skillful person. The following set of smart and to-the-point tips will help you with just that. Tweak your profile accordingly, and you’ll realize the difference.

Create A LinkedIn Profile

Create A LinkedIn Profile

We are aware that it is stating the obvious, but you have to have a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already. It is not a website to show off your accomplishments. Many recruiters and head hunters are now using LinkedIn as a medium to put out job openings.

Having a profile here will help you look through jobs as per your skillset. It would also allow you to get noticed by an employer who might approach you first. Anytime you apply for a job, the recruiter is bound to search you on LinkedIn. Not having a profile can dampen your carefully put-together resume.

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Upload Appropriate Picture

Upload Appropriate Picture

Having your picture is very important. A general assumption is if there is no picture, it is a fake profile. Not having a picture can also make you appear fishy or shady, which is the last thing you want. Also, not having a picture will make you seem like an unreal figure.

The employer will go through your profile, education, work experience, etc. but not assign a name to it. Hence proved, having a good profile picture is very important. It will add a lot of personalities and human touch to your resume.

Your face should be clear and visible in your profile picture. Go for a headshot and stay as far away as possible from selfies. Your picture should appear professional but not too much. Yes, that sounds a bit ironic. We mean to say that your picture’s background shouldn’t be weird, dirty, or inappropriate.

Your expressions should be simple and warm (add a smile if you want). But you also shouldn’t appear too stiff. Your photo shouldn’t look like it is a stock photo either. Be professional and be you. Adding a background picture is essential. Use pictures that show some quality of yours or highlight some achievement.

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Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimizes your whole feed. Change the header below your profile photo to an excellent impactful one-liner. It should include what you have been working on and underline some quality. For example: After completing 3 successful projects, now leading a team of 150 people. While filling in all the writing sections of your profile, use phrases or words that a recruiter may search for.

Find the best keywords for your job title and use them generously throughout your profile. You can read various job postings and underline the common words a recruiter is writing. Make a list of these phrases and words and incorporate them in your headers, summaries, or any content you post.

Focus On Summary Section

The summary section is the place where a recruiter will get to know you. It is based on this they will try to gauge the kind person you are. Most people end up writing elaborate paragraphs on their education or achievements. Don’t make the same mistake. Instead, write about you. What drives you, what are you passionate about, some impactful incident that you experienced, goals you wish to achieve, etc. Of course, keep in mind what you are writing and how it can be perceived. But let your hair down. Let this summary section be a window to you.

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Visual Details Are Important

incorporate as many pictures, information with graphics and colors in your profile.

A lot of people find it hard to read big fat novels. Many others say they aren’t able to sustain attention through it. It is because it is “just a lot of black letters on a white page.” You don’t want the same to happen to your LinkedIn profile. Visual details are extremely important. Try to incorporate as many pictures, information with graphics and colors in your profile.

Customize Your URL

Most URLs are tough to follow. The link to your profile would be some gibberish letters, numbers, and code. Needless to say, nobody is going to pay attention to it. Also, nobody is going to remember it. Make it easier for yourself and your potential employer to share your profile link and remember it. LinkedIn gives an option to customize your URL. You can pick a simpler, neat, and professional URL. The smallest of changes make the biggest of differences.


Any employer would like a candidate for who somebody can vouch. While you are writing about your skills and qualities, it would make all the difference if someone can vouch for the same. Recommendations go a long way in bettering your chances of getting a dream job. Politely ask an old employer or a professor to write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.

You can also do a recommendation swap with an old colleague of yours; that is, you write a recommendation for them, and they do it for you. You can also write a small draft for whoever agrees to save them time and let them know what lines you want the writing to be. They can edit and make the tone their own.

Looking for a job or just networking can be challenging. With these small changes and tweaks, you’ll surely make your profile more appealing and grab all employers’ attention.


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