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10 Best Ways To Find Blog Topics

As a writer, I understand writers’ block better than anyone. The inane feeling of staring at your blank computer screen, trying to rack your brain for topics is among the worst feelings one can get. Want to create new and captivating content without losing your mind over blog topics? We have your back as we have created a list of the most creative ideas to help you overcome your writers’ block and get your flow back.

1. Check out Quora

Find Blog Topics On Quora - ScillBee

The one guilty pleasure everyone seems to have been reading the content posted on the infamous Q/A platform Quora. The influx of related questions when you search for one basic thing is where you will find the best content ideas. Simply go to their website and search topics that resonate with your niche. Now, go through the various questions that pop up and pick the ones that are loaded with content and best fit your interest. You will often feel like there is something missing in that answer, use that feeling and complete your blog.

2. Go through Reddit 

Reddit is more inclined towards content that is more upcoming and relevant these days; in a manner of saying it’s a little more gen-z than Quora. Upon searching about a relevant topic, one gets an influx of user-generated content threads, some of which have been going on for months or even years. These threads are not only filled with memes and gifs but also content that’s more intuitive and captivating. Go through these threads and enjoy them as well as draw ideas from the content.

3. Analyse YouTube videos

Random videos trend on the internet every single day; while some of them are just simply hilarious the rest are informative and relevant. Over a billion people turn to youtube to watch a variety of different videos or to listen to music but some of those videos are packed with content that can be used for your own gain. Go through the analytics of youtube and find videos with the highest engagement or viewership and write about that. If it’s a song, write about the singer’s story or how the album has impacted the crowd, or if it’s a DIY video, write about its shortcomings and its importance.

4. Twitter

Find Blog Topics On Twitter - ScillBee

One may not think about Twitter when going through social media for blog content, however, every big news or scandal or launch is released on the platform and it has endless amount of content. Searching relevant hashtags and reading through tweet threads would give you content for multiple blogs. Additionally, a new feature on Twitter called TweetChats is events scheduled regularly where people from across the world come together to have a conversation about a certain topic. This updated version of chat rooms will be a place with people with different views and experiences and will help you with additional content.

5. Use social media analytics

As its clear, social media is a game-changer when it comes to finding a new blog topic. People spend hours scrolling through Instagram or creating enthralling content for their profiles every day. Hence, going through the metrics of social media websites and finding posts with the highest number of views or engagement to juice for content is a unique option. Simultaneously, go through the comment section of those posts for extra content ideas.

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6. Google trends

One of the most obvious solutions to finding trending and relevant topics for your blogs is going through Google Trends. As the name suggests, the platform lets you explore topics and content that’s trending at the moment and curates a list of the same. Simply going on “Explore” and then searching for a relevant topic will lead you to the “Related Queries” section. The section has a list of  ‘Top’ and ‘Rising’ topics that will help you generate content ideas in your head automatically.

7. Ask your readers/visitors

The simplest way is to ask your readers to choose between content or topic ideas, or maybe just share some ideas of their own regarding the content they would like to see whenever they come to your blog. Either ask them questions through a traditional survey method or add polls on social media platforms or create a thread of your readers to start a conversation. Sift through their answers and create content for your blog accordingly.

8. Check out your competitors

Find Blog Topics On Buzzsumo - ScillBee

Going through your competitor’s blogging sites to see the kind of content they are creating and posting on a regular basis would give you an idea about the sort of content you need to produce for your targeted audience. A few websites like Buzzsumo, Ubersuggest, and SEMrush, will help you with competitive analysis, which will tell you about the most trendy and shared contents of your competitors. This will help you make your content better and gather ideas for new blogs.

9. Follow the news

However tedious and monotonous this sounds, following the news on a regular basis would give you plenty of content to write about for a long time as every industry has something new going every other day. Pick the most controversial ones as they are the ones least talked about and often ignored; dig deeper into the subject and add a personalized flair to the same. Create content around the most talked-about news and make it unique in your own way.

10. Browse comments

Social media is clearly the best place to find topics and subjects to write on but at times even these websites and platforms fail to do so. This is where the infamous comment section comes into play because that’s where the audience is talking about the content. The target audience of your competitor’s blog is similar to yours and hence their comments section would also be useful in giving you content ideas for blog your next blog.

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Tvisha Gulati
Tvisha Gulati
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