Pouring your innate feelings out and having them transcend into something beautiful is an unexplainable feeling and that is exactly the rush of emotions one feels when writing a blog. However, you’re not sure about how to get into blogging? Our elaborate guide on how to find the perfect website can help you out.

With time it has become easier and more convenient to build an online presence where one can show off their work, without having to pay. These free blogging platforms are easy to work with even if you have zero web skills. Within minutes you can build a professional-looking website that matches your personal aesthetic using ready-made templates.

Whether you wish to have a minimalistic blog with a simple blogging option or an advanced version with some code to get the best results, you’ll get all the information you need here. We have curated a list of the best free blogging platforms available at the moment, that can help you do much more besides blogging.

Here is the list of 7 best blogging websites for your reference:

1. WordPress.org

Wordpress - Free Blogging Website

It is one of the oldest free blogging sites that powers over a third of the world’s websites making it one of the best free blogging platforms in the business. WordPress.org is the absolute gold standard that gives you the steer of the ship and lets you customize the website according to your whims and fancies. WordPress.org is insanely powerful, however, you’ll have to pour hours’ worth of time in order to yield that power effectively. The platform provides a great level of customization and usability, with its open-source site-building software gives you full control over how your site functions and looks. This platform is a little hands-on but the end results will blow your audiences’ minds as well as help you make money.

2. Wix

Wix is a powerful platform that can be easily managed and built from the front-end. The main feature that makes it modern and easy to use is its WYSIWYG editor; drag-and-drop options, so you don’t have to add multiple plugins or codes to build your dream website. Its intuitive and accessible modern design can be used by both novice and experts. Unlike WordPress, it has free hosting included, which means that all you need to do is choose layouts, pick a template, and your website is ready to function. You can find aesthetic free and premium themes as well as templates for your website and also features like backgrounds, forms, multimedia widgets, menus, typography, video boxes, etc.

3. Weebly

Want to showcase your products or your portfolio along with your blogs on a single website? Do not worry because Weebly gives you a solution to everything. You cannot only sell your products online through the website you create but also enamor your audience with your tactful wit in your blogs. The platform offers a WYSIWYG editor, similar to one in Wix with a drag-and-drop elements customizer. Hence, if you want to add a certain button or feature to your website, all you need to do is drag it to the page and customize it. You can similarly add features like slideshows, photo galleries, and other multimedia elements. Weebly also lets you add features like ad spaces, forms, media boxes, newsletters, social media icons, sidebars, subscriptions, and much more.

4. Medium

Medium - Free Blogging Website

Medium is a free blogging website where one does not build anything from scratch but simply presents their work and thoughts in a systematic and chic platform. This multipurpose platform dips its toes in tackling diverse topics and exposes your work to a wider audience as it has a readership of 60 million readers. All you need to do is login and create a profile and start writing. This wouldn’t really be your website or page but a profile that can be visited by people from across the world to give your work a read and a dash of appreciation.

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5. Tumblr

Tumblr is the origin story of blogging as it is among the oldest free blogging sites on the web. The platform isn’t as powerful and customizable as the rest but its publishing’s sole purpose is inclined towards multimedia or social media-like content. The playful and easy-to-use interface of Tumblr allows you to simply sign up and start posting content of your wish. It’s somewhat similar to Medium in a way but both of their aesthetics and content are far different from each other.

6. Squarespace

One of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing blogs is created on Squarespace. If you are an artistically-minded person like a home decor expert, illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, etc, Squarespace is the go-to site for you. The platform offers clean, beautiful templates created by their team of exceptional designers, that are easily customizable and look stunning. Alike another blogging platform, it provides different features and formats for different types of content. Whether you are just starting blogging or want to switch to another platform, Squarespace is the place for you.

7. Hubpages

First-time blogger? Hubpages is the solution to all your problems and will give you everything you’re looking for. This blogging platform gives you a variety of sections to choose from, such as Arts and Design. Connect with a wider audience across the globe using Hubpages by sharing your posts and content with a large community and maybe even earn some money while doing so from advertising and affiliates. However, one downside is the lack of customization as you don’t have any control over how your blog looks and feels. On the other hand, you can create a website rather quickly and get started easily.