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10 Best Tools For E-mail Marketing

In an era dominated by social media, it can be seen as rather odd to opt for email marketing since email marketing is in a sense consider outdated and even the grandfather to social media marketing. However, with the right tools, you can prove that notion wrong.

Here are the 10 best tools for e-mail marketing that can help you enough in boosting your business growth.

1. Gist

Streamline your marketing campaigns with Gist’s wide-ranging email marketing tools. Through their full range of digital marketing products and services, users can create standout customer service experiences for their visitors. It’s an all-in-one solution – including marketing automation, live chats, and event tracking – that makes Gist the perfect platform to complement your marketing efforts.

With Gist’s wide range of marketing tools, you can modernize your marketing campaign. Users can make use of the products and services offered by Gist such as marketing automation, live chats, and event tracking in order to make their customer service exceptional.

Other features available on Gist are such as

  • The option to participate in tête-à-têtes with customers via live chat or chatbots
  • The option to obtain pointers from numerous outlets, platforms of social media included
  • The option to utilize inbox automation in order to make your efforts more efficient and productive

2. Constant Contact

One of the most efficient tools for e-mail marketing that you can find, Constant Contact offers you numerous templates of e-mail that you can utilize in your attempt to create the ideal e-mail newsletter, along with features that are specialized and geared towards the industry you’re involved in, this includes promotional insights.

A key feature of Constant Contact is the Automation, which eases your workload significantly thanks to its autopilot feature. For instance, welcome messages can be activated for new clients, and depending on their actions, drip campaigns can be engineered.

Constant Contact also provides access to live chats, user-based forums for discussions wherein you can obtain some much-needed feedback regarding your ideas instantly. Technical assistance is also available for you.

What’s more is, a 60-day trial of Constant Contact is available for free, which is one of the best offers you’ll find in the industry.

3. AWeber

AWeber is a program that aids you through all phases of the process of email marketing, be it reeling in new clients, creation of lists as well as email arrangement.

AWeber can also be utilized in order to bring in new contacts via tools such as WordPress, Facebook, and Shopify, you will also find new features added to AWeber on a regular basis.

An autoresponder tool is also available on AWeber which will benefit you in connecting with your clients. Moreover, over 150 email templates are available at your disposal to aid you in the process of actual email design.

4. Sendinblue

Both tools for e-mail marketing as well as extra functions like, customer relationship management and landing page creation are offered by the marketing communication platform that is Sendinblue.

You can find more than 70 design templates on Sendinblue, which are responsive and will aid you in the creation of an email that looks ideal. Plus, all of these templates are responsive. You also have the option of previewing your results in order to make sure the design you created looks right regardless of the screen format.

After you design your email, A/B testing and segmented recipient lists are also available for you to utilize in order to optimize your campaigns as well as guesswork for your target ideal clients.

5. MailChimp

One of the most popular email marketing platforms, and for good reason, MailChimp does not disappoint. The ideal application for digital marketing, MailChimp offers a vast range of features that aid you in gaining as well as connecting with audiences along with getting real sales from possible leads.

Along with four pricing plans, MailChimp also offers a free plan that comes with features for basic email marketing such as email creation and scheduling. And to add to all this, there’s a smart recommendations feature, by which you can obtain significant audience insights which can enhance your marketing strategy.

MailChimp also offers:

  • Advanced segmentation to aid you in focusing on the ideal audience at each email campaign
  • Automated marketing campaigns you can utilize in order to get in contact with potential clients or consumers
  • Real-time performance tracking that keeps tabs on the number of emails sent, the open rate, the rate of click-throughs, etc.

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6. Omnisend

A high-tech platform for e-commerce marketing, Omnisend combines all your communication platforms together. It also provides a free plan that although only encompasses email, is more than adequate to aid you in small and medium businesses’ email marketing campaigns. With Omnisend, you have the option of automating your email delivery via behavior activators and setting up your communications depending on your customers’ convenience at ease.

You can also make use of the comprehensive audience insights offered by Omnisend to create more applicable email marketing messages and send them. Features for more efficiency such as the Product Piker are available for designing appealing newsletters. Besides all that, your e-mail performance can also be enhanced by You can also involving scratch cards, discount coupon codes, and gift boxes.

7. Moosend

Moosend is an excellent email marketing tool that lets you automate repetitive tasks and saves you time. You can design behavioral email campaigns based on your subscribers’ information and/or activities. You can use its advanced segmentation feature to send highly accurate emails to each recipient, increasing open rate and click-through rate as well as ROI.

This tool provides you with a detailed campaign performance report so you know exactly how to optimize your campaigns and get even better results. You can even integrate it with some of your favorite apps to seamlessly pass on vital information between different tools. It’s also one of the only free email marketing tools that won’t include its logo in your emails.

8. Mailjet

Mailjet has a range of insightful and collective tools which you can utilize to enhance your e-mail marketing campaigns such as pre-designed templates which can be customized, dazzle recipients regardless of which device they use, by fashioning receptive emails to any recipient no. If you work with a team, you’ll love the platform’s real-time collaboration feature offered by Mailjet aids you in collaborating seamlessly. This will benefit you significantly in jobs where you are required to work in groups.

You can also insert dynamic content so you can also make modified and pertinent emails for each recipient by inserting vibrant content through Mailjet, which will aid you in achieving better outcomes.   Further, Mailjet can also be integrated into your CRM to handle your mailing list via one single dashboard at ease.

9. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is An e-mail marketing tool that is fairly easy to utilize, ConvertKit is quite popular among bloggers as well as online course instructors

Although there are no bells, whistles, or even templates on ConvertKit, it promotes the use of plain-text e-mails since they aid in enhancing connections.  This makes it the perfect match for users who are looking to form and grow brands. For others, however, the same cannot be said.

ConvertKit is your go-to if you’re a creator in search of a minimal tool to feed your viewers with content on the regular.

10. Drip

Need an adaptable email marketing platform that contains an array of valuable features? Get Drip!

Drip is quite the multi-purpose platform as it aids you in message personalization, incorporations of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, has wide-ranging data analytics along with a host of other features.

To add to all that, Drip also possesses a set of tools that you can utilize for creating emails; one being visual while the other being based on text, which plays a key role in making helps create effective picture-lead marketing, with follow-up messages that are more aimed and personal towards users individually.

Drip offers a starter package that is free and accommodates 100 subscribers. The Basic package, however, begins at $41 for 2500 subscribers, 5000 subscribers can get the Pro package at $83 per month, and finally, and there’s the Enterprise package with a cost that varies based on the number of subscribers.

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