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What are the key components of creativity

Creativity is a human quality that exists in everyone. It would be very wrong to say that it has a selective nature. Yes, we all have a creative type. We do not need to be a musician, painter, or inventor to be creative. We perhaps do not notice that in our daily life, we most often end up being creative and innovative. Being creative is to find new ways to be better at your work.

But where does it come from? Here are the key components of creativity

1. Problem-solving Attitude

A problem-solving attitude is the core of creativity. It is the source of all new inventions, social, and cultural evolutions. Without it, human civilization would not be able to thrive so far.

When you see a problem as a challenge, it gives you an opportunity for new experiences to expand your creativity.

America’s greatest inventor and a great businessman Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. He was not born creative, but it was his problem-solving attitude that led him to create one of the greatest inventions of the time.

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2. Willingness to change the mindset

To overcome the barriers of creativity, if need be, you must change your mindset. Giving up the old perception about things uncovers the new ways and possibilities.

Back in the early 20th century when India was not independent, and violence was the only way for the freedom fighters to be independent. Mahatma Gandhi innovated a new weapon ‘non-violence’ to fight against the British Empire. Mahatma showed the world a new way to fight against injustice and changed the mindset of the people.

3. Enthusiasm to explore new things

One of the best sources of creativity is exploration. Exploring exposes you to new things, and new things are inspiring.

Exploration lets you stumble across a new way of doing something, a new thing to do, or something more subtle.

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It uncovers a bit of information that clicks with things you’ve been thinking about and completes (or helps to complete) the picture you’ve been developing in your mind. It is also possible that you may discover a tool, a process, or an approach that others are using which is irrelevant to you but is still inspiring in its ingenuity.

There are many routes to boost creativity, with attitude, practice, and exploration. We all have the creative ability to various degrees, and it isn’t easy to imagine where humankind would be without it.

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