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Best Practical Tips For Developing A Creative Attitude

Creativity begins with your intention to process things with different perspectives. Whether you are reading, listening, and looking at things, a creative attitude is necessary while processing information to approach a solution. Observing and paying attention to minuscule help you build a creative attitude.

But how to develop a creative attitude?
Well, by understanding the following pointers; Let’s go:

Deep Listening

Listening actively to other people’s thoughts – while your idea is in incubation – gives you new ways to polish your creativity. After listening to others, when you open yourself to their opinions,  you started to think differently about the things you have perceived earlier.

If you want to develop a listening attitude, here are three things you should know and practice from now-

1. Give your undivided attention.

“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.” ~ M. Scott Peck

Whenever you are discussing the ideas with your peers, don’t multitask. Put away your phone, close your laptop, and set aside your work. Paying undivided attention to the matter will help you explore the new possibilities for creativity.

2. Listen to understand.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Understanding the subject matter is necessary to build your own thoughts and ideas. If you indulge in listening during the creative process with an intent to understand will increase the flow of creativity.

3. Listen with curiosity.

“Listening is not merely “not talking”; it means taking a vigorous, human interest in what is being told us.” – Alice Miller

Curiosity is the mother of creativity. If you are not curious to listen to others’ views, you are not serious about it. Being curious to listen to any discussion will increase your questioning capabilities.

Look To explore

The curiosity to examine things with 360 views can lead people high in openness to see more than the average person. Looking around with a different perspective helps you explore the unseen part of the things.

Here is how you can look at things with a creative attitude –

1. Observe everything

As a creative person, this world is your oyster — look at all the possibilities everywhere, constantly feed yourself with information, and make them sources to express creativity.

To produce new ideas that you want to convey, you need to observe people, the world, and life. It also helps you pace your creativity.

When you learn to observe, you start paying attention to the little things and the more subtle things. You begin to appreciate and understand your world and the things in it a little bit better.

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2. See things that others miss

The world around you is full of mysteries. People often see things that are in front of them but miss the hidden aspects. They are so focused on one thing that they completely fail to see something else right before their eyes.

For you to be creative, you need to have eyes that see things others fail to catch. When you start looking at the world around you with different perspectives, all those hidden aspects start unfolding one by one. As the mysteries unravel, new ideas start hitting your conscious mind to cultivate creativity.

Read for purpose

Reading with a creative attitude is the first step towards an effective creative process. It’s an important tool to gather information. Exploring what and why you’re reading will help you polish your creative process and find a balance in your creativity.

1. How are you reading?

Begin your creative process by reading short articles or stories, which can be read in twenty to thirty minutes. Avoid starting with big writings as you will get bored and demotivated easily. Limiting your intake of information so that you can finish it efficiently and keep yourself motivated. As soon as you have finished reading something during the creative process, your conscious mind will start processing it to generate new ideas.

By dividing your intake of information in small shots and reading only, necessary materials will make the creative process effective and efficient.

2. Understand the purpose

Understanding your purpose for reading will help your creative process flourish. Instead of reading everything, try to read something that serves the creative process’s purpose. Irrelevant and unnecessary information will only dilute creativity.

For instance, if you are a creative writer and your objective is to crack a punchline for the right to education policy, it will be totally irrelevant to read about child labor laws.

As you move forward in mastering your creative process, or honing your creativity, keep feeding yourself by creative reading.

A creative attitude helps you avoid diversion and empower you to overcome resistance when crystalizing new ideas on the blank page.

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