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7 Best Photography Courses For  Every Budding Photographer

Here are 7 of the best courses that will show you the ropes to Photography.

1. Photography Basics

All the wisdom you require on how to get started on photography is available for free on Lifehacker.

From the workings of a digital camera, all the way to the settings and compositional techniques that are being used by professionals will be taught on this three-phase guide offered by Lifehacker. Extra tools along with beneficial videos and links with utilities will also be provided to aid you in gaining a better understanding of every topic.

The format of this photography course that Lifehacker offers is one of the good aspects of it. Since most of the course has been formatted into downloadable and printable PDFs by course writer Adam Dachis, you can learn on the go.

2. The Alpha To The Omega Of Photography

The online photography certification course offered by Michigan State is the key to credibility among clients. What’s more, it’s free.

Photography basics such as the 3 Cs, i.e. Camera setting, Composition, and Creativity are what this course specializes in.

This course that lasts for 7 months will teach you how to take photos of different kinds of subjects in a wide variety of environments and conditions. And once you’re done with this course, a Capstone project having a correlation with your aims as a photographer will be given to you to work on along with your peers.

And once you’re done with this project, a certificate from Michigan State will be given to you along with unbelievable discounts and membership benefits from companies and organizations affiliated with Michigan State.

3. Guide To Exposure

Photography Exposure Best Practi

One of the most crucial parts of photography is exposure. How you use exposure can make or break your photo.

Udemy offers a free course, “Photography Exposure Best Practices”, on its platform which teaches you the very best of techniques that will aid you in setting your photos for greater exposure as well as how to enhance a photo before clicking it. This course is rated with 4.2 stars.

This course focuses on a DSLR camera’s basic functions and exposure, so novices are welcome. You will also learn about ISO, shutter speed, and aperture which are camera variables, along with how to utilize them.

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4. Travel Photography Fundamentals

Professor Bob Kriss teaches an online course called ‘The Fundamentals Of Travel Photography’ which consists of 24 lectures focusing on the basics of travel photography with the inclusion of lighting, composition, and gear. This course caters to those with an intermediate level of knowledge on travel photography, meaning the basics will not be covered. However, you will be taught how to tackle and beat travel photography’s hurdles.

You have the option of either taking the whole 24 lectures or singling out the lectures you want and listening to just those. Topics such as “Capturing the Spirit of People,” “Natural Light on Landscapes” and more are included in the lectures.

Since The Great Courses Plus hosts Professor Kriss’ photography course, you can try it for a free trial period before you make the commitment of a full subscription to see whether or not you feel it’s the right one for you.

5. Adobe Photoshop CC

One of the best and most comprehensive courses,  this course consists of 87 lessons, 8+ hours of instructional videos. Professor Daniel Scott will teach you all there is to know when it comes to photography as well as Photoshop right from the basics.

The course provides project-based learning here, paired with real-world examples for the basis of providing the tools and features required to achieve effective results at ease. Topics such as enhancing images, correcting light and color, wearing masks (even hair), adding text and logos, creating banners along with advertisements, and retouching are covered in this course. So, making the most of your Creative Cloud subscription is crucial.

6. DSLR Photography-Skillshare

One of the fastest growing online video course sites, Skillshare provides tons of free online courses on photography which you although require a monthly subscription, the fee is cheap and a 1-month free trial is also available.

Skillshare offers a course on DSLR Photography consisting of 11 chapters of videos. The videos cover topics such as utilizing your camera for all types of photography, from street photography all the way to portraits. There’s a lot to learn just from the free online photography classes alone such as this one. Introductions to photography courses are also available along with a number of guides on Photoshop and Lightroom. Classes provide you with projects which can be shared and compared with your peers in the community that is Skillshare.

7. 365 Photography- Photographycourse.net

This course is for anyone who wants to commit to their photography as well as keep learning on a daily. Kevin LJ, an award-winning photographer with an experience of over 30 years teaches you bite-sized lessons. What’s more, is he’s been a master teacher for a period spanning almost a decade. You will learn how to utilize your camera no matter what the lighting condition may be. Features such as the one bite-sized lessons provided to you on the daily along with practical exercises in order every day along with a practical challenge to test what your knowledge is what sets this course apart from any other.

The lessons don’t take more than 5 minutes to go through, focusing on making learning a part of your daily photographer life.

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