The responsibility of a graphic designer in simple terms is to encode or interpret messages. The interpretation, ordering, and presentation of visual messages are performed by graphic designers. A client’s demand which is the origin of the design work ends up being established in writing linguistically, or orally. A linguistic message becomes a graphic manifestation thanks to graphic design hence the pivotal role played by graphic design in business. Here are 7 of the best graphic design courses you can find online.

1. Graphic Design Specialization By CalArts (Coursera)

Offered by the CaliforniaInstitute of Arts(CalArts), this graphic design certification program caters to novices in the field of graphic design as:

  • It introduces the fundamentals of graphic design, visual culture, analysis, and processes
  • The program helps novices gain an understanding of the entire design process, right from ideation to creation and all the way to presentation
  • Communication through image-making and typography is taught to beginners
  • A tutorial on how to complete a capstone project which you can add to your professional portfolio is available
  • As a novice, you are provided with a chance to gain all the knowledge required to be acquired regarding working in interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.
  • The course content is available for free
  • At the end of every week, you will be given assignments and practical exercises based on the topics learn much like in school.
  • You can gain feedback and insight from active community and Peer reviews that exist in the program

This course has a rating of 4.7.

I myself, have come across the Coursera app and I can tell you, the courses are satisfactory!

2. Learn Graphic Design – Udemy
Graphic Design Course On Udemy (1)

Udemy has always been and continues to be one of the best platforms for learning. There are a number of courses on graphic design on Udemy but one I would recommend is the Graphic Design Masterclass created by Lindsay Marsh which caters to beginners who seek to learn about skills and techniques required to be a graphic designer. However, this course also imparts knowledge required by students who have an intermediate or advanced level knowledge about graphic design.

Graphic design basics and theory are concocted with real-world projects and applications in this course, so you will be taught a variety of wisdom about typography, color and layout theory, proper type hierarchy, and balance to enable you to birth stunning designs. You will also learn about a variety of topics and projects such as photo manipulation, magazine layouts, branding, and logo design projects along with the basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign tools to be mastered by every graphic designer.

This course offers a plethora of particularly valuable content sections in this course. One is a section where the latest design trends are covered to aid you in learning about the trends in the design world right now. Another great recent addition to the sections is one called ‘Finding Your Design Niche’, a mini-class where some of the major key design categories are reviewed by Lindsay and she also speaks of the kind of projects involved in each niche and the requirements to be met to get into that design. This will aid you to a huge extent in deciding which niches you want to primarily focus on. Logo design, editorial, and print design, illustration and pattern design, packaging design, branding design, UX / UI design, and digital/graphic design. Social networks are a few among others of the niches covered by Lindsay. A few more things you need to know about this course are:

  • You will gain an understanding of the essential tools and capabilities possessed by Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • The entire package design process will be worked through
  • You will gain an understanding of solid logo design and ad design principles so you’ll be able to create compelling campaigns and logos.
  • You will be taught the basics of Affinity Designer and be able to differentiate between Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.
  • A 7-page vector tracing worksheet will be worked through and you will be creating a complex vector illustration confidently.
  • This course offers 15 hours of video content with 20 downloadable resources.

This course has a rating of 4.6.

3. Instagram Illustration By Skillshare

Skillshare offers a Graphic Design and Illustration Class which is a great option for anyone who wants to sharpen their graphic design skills

It will teach you how to create projects to be utilized on social media using merely an iPad.

With support from top-notch content made by the Best Writers Online on the writing services review platform to your graphics, visual designs created for social media will be more than fruitful. Grassroots-level beginners who are looking to get paid for their creations can start their creations here.

12 lessons are provided by this course with 1 hour and 13 minutes being the total course time. Basic elements of design are included in this course where you will be taught the fundamental principles and ways to utilize essential tools and creation tools.

Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of how to express your emotions by developing palettes. The course is taught by an experienced designer, Sophia Yeshi herself. A number of tips and tricks on how to make your Adobe Illustrator effects more enjoyable and lively will also be offered by her

An hour and thirteen minutes will more than suffice as time need to enhance your creative skills, gain an understanding of the content, practice graphic design elements.

4. Udemy’s Graphic Design Bootcamp

Created by Derrick Mitchell, Udemy’s graphic design course has plenty of benefits such as:

  • You will learn how to work with print as well as web projects in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • The course provides access to a private Facebook group with members amounting to 14,000 where you can post projects, seek and find insightful critiques, connect with other like-minded students as well as professionals that work all over the world
  • You will learn about program shortcuts that aid in increasing productivity and maximizing workflow.
  • This course provides you with access to more than 15 hours of video content with 13 downloadable resources along with a shareable certificate once you complete the course
  • Beginners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, anyone looking to sharpen their skills in graphic design can benefit greatly from this.

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5. LinkedIn-Learning-Linda

Graphic Design Course On Udemy (1) Learn Graphic Design On LinkedIn (1)

LinkedIn-Linda, one of the best options to learn graphic design, offers a guide consisting of several courses:

  • What is Graphic Design? By Sean Adams
  • Graphic Design Careers: First Steps, By Cara St. Hilaire
  • Introduction to Graphic Design, By Tony Harmer
  • Graphic Design Foundations: Layout and Composition, By Sean Adams
  • Graphic Design Foundations: Typography, By Ina Saltz
  • Color for Design and Art, By Jim Krause
  • Learning Logo Design, By Von Glitschka
  • InDesign Quick Start, By David Blatner
  • Introducing Illustrator, By Deke McClelland
  • Introducing Photoshop: Design, By Deke McClelland
  • Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge, By Aaron Draplin, owner of Draplin Design Co.

LinkedIn-Learning-Linda has key features such as:

  • The skills needed to take your career as a graphic designer to the next level will be taught to you
  • You will learn in detail about the elements of design which are typography, color, and layout
  • You will be taught in-depth about the design process to enable you to visualize compelling ideas
  • You will be taught about industry-leading tools that every graphic designer should be aware of and how to utilize them
  • You will be given direct exercises in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Over 22 Hours of video tutorials created by experts are available
  • You will be gifted with a shareable certificate.
  • Professionals and leading experts in the industry instruct in the course which they created
  • After you sign up, you have free access to all course content for free for 30 days.
  • Course videos can be downloaded on the mobile app.
  • Timelines are flexible so you can learn at your own pace.

6. Google UX Design Professional Certificate (Coursera)

Created by Google, this UX design program’s noteworthy features are such as follows:

  • In order to understand user needs, you will be taught how to create empathy maps, personas, user stories, and user journey maps
  • You will gain knowledge on how to create wireframes and low-fidelity designs with the utilization of the design tool, Figma
  • You will learn how to create mockups and high-fidelity prototypes in Figma
  • In Adobe XD, you will gain an understanding of how to work with design systems
  • Numerous practice-based activities and assessments simulating real-world UX design scenarios are available
  • Google UX designers and researchers with decades of experience in UX design will be teaching the course
  • You will learn how to design a dedicated mobile app along with an interactive website aimed at social good
  • You can enroll in the program even if you are a fresher with no prior experience.

7. UI/UX Design Specialization By CalArts (Coursera)

The best design course for anyone seeking to become a UI/XI designer is this specialization from CalArts. Its key features are as follows:

  • The integral role played by visual design in UI/UX will be identified, discussed, and appreciated
  • There are strategies and methodologies essential in the UI/UX development process and you will be taught how to interpret and apply them
  • Visual design’s role in UI/UX will be demonstrated through the birthing of successful design artifacts
  • Skills and knowledge acquired in this specialization can be utilized in a large variety of careers, such as marketing and web design human-computer interaction among numerous others
  • All enrolled learners get an extended free trial (1 month) of a full product suite of UX tools from the Optimal Workshop
  • A flexible schedule enables self-paced learning for learners
  • A verified certificate of completion will be given to you upon completion of the course.
  • Financial aid is provided to any learner unable to afford the course fee.