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5 UX Design Mistakes Every Application Developer Should Avoid

‘Brand image with lasting value’ is what today’s Mobile applications are all about. Has this ever cross your mind that what all come together to make a useful and effective app that you use on your Smartphone?

Ponder no more! There is no magic spell to the applications we employ, it’s just the right set of skills, creativity, some do’s and many don’t that we consider while developing and optimizing mobile applications.

Skipping the drive to the ocean of overall components of mobile application developments, here, we will be surfing over some of the crucial ‘Don’ts’ (as they hold an equal share of importance as Do’s) to avoid while developing a mobile application in terms of UX design.

People often confuse UX design with UI Design; however, UX design is more than just visual. UX is ‘User experience design’ whereas UI is ‘user interface design’. Both UX and UI work together in the product development but with each playing its role individually.

UX design encapsulates all aspects of end-user interaction with the organization, its product, and services. While, UI is the complement of UX design dealing with the view, presentation, feel, and interactivity of the final product.

When it comes to mobile development, it is crucial to be sure of the character of the product and its content matter interprets via technology to proffer a seamless, relevant, and significant experience. If not, the product would fail to meet its expectation in the world of mobile business structure.
To make your product work efficiently and effectively, it is necessary to understand and avoid some of the major and vital misconceptions for a great mobile UX design.

Errors to omit-

1- Considering only ‘one for all’ and ignoring ‘all for one’ factor while developing

5 UX design mistakes every application developer should avoid scillbee

Here, ‘one’ is referred to the product development and ‘all’ is the team dedicated soul involved in the development including designers, product developers, quality analysts, and even the product owners to attain the destined goal collectively.

2- Not extending your design to the users

5 UX design mistakes every application developer should avoid

How you are interacting with your users? Always ask yourself, what impression you are leaving with your end-users? A user-centric good UX design leaves a lasting impression on the users, but a lot of product owners do a common mistake of not giving importance to the end-users, and restricting the designs only to their liking and disliking. In the end, the product is for the use of your potential customers, thus it is vital to understand the end-user preferences and expectations, for them to invest in and stay loyal to your brand.

3- Becoming the blind follower of your competitors

5 UX design mistakes every application developer should avoid scillbee

Diversity is a strength in every genre. If you want to create a lasting impact in your industry, you need to show diversity, and uniqueness among your competitors. If your developed application is not offering anything different, then you are not giving your potential consumers any solid reason to invest in you.

Moreover, what works for one organization, not necessarily work for the other; you can surely learn and get inspired by your competitors but before copying them blindly, think twice.

4- Overloading your application with features

5 UX design mistakes every application developer should avoid - scillbee

Think of it this way- A visitor visiting a restaurant serving almost every kind of cuisine. He would rather feel overwhelmed than excited to be there. It may be lucrative to serve to everyone’s taste, but at the same time, the restaurant fails to exhibit its areas of expertise. What is recommended by the UX design experts are that – Instead of adding too many features to your product, one should focus on the features reflecting the services, and strength of the brand. Including every demographics would not please everyone but might end up confusing and frustrating your loyal users.

5- Too much content

5 UX design mistakes every application developer should avoid - scillbee

We appreciate you have skillful content writers on your side, but it does not mean that they have to exhibit their skills all at once. A too complex content flourished with an excellent choice of words makes your user fail to comprehend the literal meaning of the information effectively, as not every user of yours is a literature lover or a linguist. Keeping information simple and straight (easier to grasp by a layman) would help you gain one more point and many more users.

Future-proof your mistakes

All the above mention mistakes, if not acknowledged and rectified, could cause your project to suffer among your competitors. Thus, it is essential to critically understand the importance of overcoming these mistakes to develop such a mobile application that is valued and appreciated by your users.

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