We’re no stranger to how stressful and nerve-wracking interviews can be, especially during self-introduction which is crucial to an interview. Here are few tips on how to introduce yourself the proper way and increase your chances of landing that job!


Salutation During Interview ScillBee

Try and be courteous and respectful, greet members of the staff; be it the security or the receptionist as soon as you enter the building. Then tell them the reason for your visit, the job you are applying for, etc. Do remember to greet the recruiter as well soon as you enter the interview area. The reason I have mentioned all these is that pre-interview introduction is just as important as introductions during the interview.

Be Confident

Lack of confidence is a common mistake that often leads to a bad first impression. Keep in mind that your first impression could also be your last. So, before going in for the interview, relax, take a deep breath and gather your thoughts.

Be Sincere And Succinct

Being genuine and honest while introducing yourself is a great way to make an awesome first impression and form a connection with the interviewer. Interviewers value honesty so this will aid your attempts to establish and develop trust between you and the people you’re talking to.

Another important aspect is to keep your introduction logical and clear. Don’t beat around the bush.

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Keep It Short

When faced with one-ended questions like ‘Tell me about yourself, avoid exaggerating as well as digressing. Try and get straight to the point, keep your answers short as this will send a positive message to the people you’re talking to that you value their time.


Don’t delve into your personal details, instead let the interviewer know about your educational background i.e. the name of your faculty,  college/university, and the educational diploma you’ve received. State Avoid mentioning your CGPA(Cumulative Grade Point Average) unless you feel it’s really worth the mention. Also make sure you mention any projects you’ve completed if there are any, along with any certificates concerned with the job you are applying for.

Manners Maketh Man


Whatever the position you’re applying for maybe, you are expected to be professional at every stage of the interview, from the meet and greeting to the ‘thank you’ after the interview. Read up on interview etiquette tips before, during, and after an interview to make sure you’re familiar with the Dos and Don’ts.

Tissue No Issue

Remember to bring a handkerchief or a tissue if you’re worried your hands will get sweaty, or if you’re just sweaty in general. This is because sweaty palms can be a huge turnoff during introductions especially with an introductory handshake.


If you’re offered anything such as a glass of water or maybe even a beverage during an interview, a crucial tip is to be gracious and accept it, and in case you need to turn down some of the offers, give a reasonable explanation for it.


Closing Statements are one of the most critical aspects of how to introduce yourself in an interview. This is because your intent is showcased through them. How to make a closing statement? Tell them briefly the motivation behind your application for the job, the reason you think the job is in line with your goal career-wise. State how appealing the job is to you and that you are ready for whatever obstacles and tasks await you. Go on a bit about the skills you possess and how you will utilize them to perform the concerned job. Your interviewers should be convinced by your closing statement of how great of an asset you’d be to their organization. And lastly, conclude it with a ‘thank you’.