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Best Tips To Write A Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter can be quite perplexing especially if you’re quite new to it. So here are a few best tips on how to write a resignation letter.

Notify Your Superior

It is best advised to let your boss know before doing anything else, be it handing in the written notice (preferably two weeks in advance or before). It is a professional thing to do. Otherwise, you end up making yourself, your superior and the company look bad if your superior have had to find out through the office vine.

Also, make sure to be considerate and don’t beat around the bush. Make it clear that it is time you and the company parted ways.

If you worry that your superior might react badly, send a written resignation first and then discuss it in private ASAP.

Writing Your Resignation

Date And Time

A standard business letter usually includes a time, date, and some other details to include time stamps. This information is not required in the email as it is digital. If you plan to print a letter, you must put this information at the top of the page.


Refer to the recipient by name. You can use introductory words like “Dear”, “Hello” or just “Mister / Miss [supervisor’s name]”.

Keep It Light And Brief

Whatever the reason for your departure may be, the tone of this letter should be positive – try to break up on good terms and maintain professional contacts. Don’t use your resignation letter to express disappointment and instead express your gratitude for having been able to work there for the period that you did.

Moreover, if you’re leaving for personal and or sensitive reasons and also, do not feel that you must explain the reasons for your departure or offer information on your future employment. If you do choose to reveal such things, opt for brief descriptions such as “relocation,” “retirement,” “personal matters,” or “new career opportunities” over detailed accounts.

The Last Day Of Your Job

While a two-week termination notice is standard, your company may have detailed instructions on when you joined the company. Upon receipt of this information, please provide the date and day of your last working day for the company.

Don’t Forget The Keys

List all the key information the recipient needs to know about your referral. These details can be agreed upon in advance with the supervisor. If you’re unsure, just add that you want to do whatever it takes to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Be An Opportunist

Use language that exhorts your supervisor to stay connected when you go away from the company. For example, “I’d significantly admire the possibility to live in contact to maintain gaining knowledge of from you and to proportion any enterprise insights I’ve received which you would possibly discover useful. In the future, please sense unfastened to attain me at [your personal email address].”

Reference For Inference

Check with your coworkers or your superior for possible reference before you leave your job along with how they prefer to be contacted. Consider asking them to leave you a reference on LinkedIn and return the favor.


As a normal courtesy, and sometimes required by contract, your letter should be submitted two weeks before your last day of work (more if you have a senior position or a position that is particularly difficult to fill). Show that you intend to make positive use of your remaining days at the company. Describe the projects you will complete and who you will talk to about taking responsibility.

When you are ready to train a new employee, mention that as well. Good ways to start this section of your letter are:

“I am determined to make this transition as smooth as possible for the company. Therefore, I will… ”

“ Before my resignation takes effect, I will ensure that [insert name] has been informed of… ”.

Refrain From Excessive Positivity

If it is known that you were dissatisfied with your position and uses overly positive language about the company and its great achievement, it can be considered sarcastic and even offensive. It’s best to keep your tone neutral but upbeat and professional

Use A Business Letter Format

To stay professional and adhere to the proper cancellation labels, use a business letter size template. These templates will help organize your message in a consistent and easy-to-understand way. Be sure to keep the same format when emailing the letter.

To Err Is Human

Proofreading a resignation letter may sound unnecessary but as humans, we are prone to making mistakes. So, the proper etiquette for resignation letters is to check your letter for correct spelling, tone of voice, grammar, and format before submitting the letter for review. If necessary, ask a friend or family member to review your letter for any errors you may have overlooked.

Personal Delivery

Deliver your letter personally. If possible, you can deliver your resignation letter to your manager in person. If you cancel on paper, please include the date at the beginning of the letter. You can also send an email immediately after meeting with your manager. Use a clear and direct subject line, such as Withdrawal – [yourname].

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