Believing These 5 Common Myths Can Block Your Creativity

Are You Aware Of These Five Common Creativity Myths?

Once I refused to register for a creative workshop organized in my school because I wanted to be an engineer. Make sense?

Well, for me, it was. I have grown up with a myth that creativity works only for painters or photographers or other artists, and this thought held me back from developing my creativity for so long.

I am sure that many of you still think the same, and not just one, but there are many more misconceptions related to creativity floating in the air, and you are inhaling it unknowingly.

In this article, I’ll uncover some common creative myths that you need to stop believing today if you want to flourish creatively.

i) Genetic Myth

A common misconception we all have about creative people is that they are blessed with creativity by their ancestors. Seriously?


To shine in the creative world, you don’t have to be born in a family with a creative background. Creativity is not inherited, and anyone can be creative. We all have an immense creative capacity that can be grown with efforts.

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ii) Non-Development Myth

Well, this myth is correlated with the first point. People who believe that creativity is a trait inherent in one’s genes are also believed that creativity can’t be developed. And this belief snatches many opportunities from many people.

Creativity can be developed inside anyone and at any age. And I am not saying this; this is confirmed by tons of scientific research. If you want to stretch your creative ability to the full extent, don’t worry about your age or anything else; only focus, learn, practice, and then see how amazingly you transform into a creative soul.

iii) Originality Myth

“Originality is undetected plagiarism.” – William Ralph Inge

Whenever we see some new or unique creative ideas, we give its credit to the person who imagined it. Right?

We believe that every new idea is freshly cooked and original, but this is not true. The reality is every new idea is a combination of old ideas. Creators explore the traditional ideas, combine them, and then come up with something new and unique.

For instance, In Bengaluru, Swiggy Instamart, which promises to deliver groceries in 30- 45 minutes, has launched a’ Naale Baa campaign,’ which means ‘Come Tomorrow.’ The campaign’s purpose is to connect with consumers and give a simple solution to their fears of waiting for delivery slots the next day.
Undoubtedly, the idea is so unique as well as exciting but is it entirely original?
Nope, the campaign derives inspiration from an urban legend from the 1990s, where Bangaloreans were led to believe that a witch roams the city streets at night, knocking on the door of houses. So the residents paste “Naale Baa” outside the gates, asking the ghost to come tomorrow.

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iv) Eureka Myth

All creative ideas came suddenly- this is what we all learn from the great stories such as Newton’s apple tree story. But researches show that creativity is a long-term process, and the eureka moment only hits your brain once you go through its different stages.

Creative ideas might seem like they come in a flash, but they are the result of the previous hard work and curious exploration of a problem and usually happen during the incubation phase.

During incubation, insights start arising from the deeper layers of the unconscious mind and appearing in conscious awareness. It’s a sudden Eureka!

v) Artists Myth

Ok, this one is related to my story that I mentioned at the starting of this chapter. I denied registering in the creative workshop because I wanted to be an engineer, and believed creativity was only for the artists.

Now I realize that creativity has nothing to do with your role. The amount of creativity needed for painters, sculptors, and photographers is equally required for engineers, doctors, or politicians. Creativity equally applies to everyone.

Now you know some common misconceptions related to creativity, and if you want to grow your inner creativity, you need to quit accepting these myths now.

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